BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ci-testFix unittests for python 3.5mathieui19 months
fewer-get_themeStore get_theme() in a variable in each function, to avoid redundant calls.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot13 months
masterMerge branch 'doc-typo' into 'master'Maxime Buquet5 days
new-tabsnew tabs: apply reviewmathieui20 months
no-resourceRemove the resource option from the configuration.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot3 years
pubsubRevert "Remove the pubsub-related stuff from the main branch"mathieui6 years
self-pingRemove DelayedEvent.repetive (sic) member which is not usedFlorent Le Coz5 years
slixUse the update script to switch to mastermathieui5 years
slots_testTest to use slots instead of namedtuplesmathieui7 years
test-ciinstall sphinx in the venvmathieui16 months
v0.12-fixesRelease poezio 0.12.1mathieui17 months
v0.8-fixesBump version and setup.pymathieui6 years
v0.12.1poezio-0.12.1.tar.gz  poezio-0.12.1.tar.xz  mathieui17 months
v0.12poezio-0.12.tar.gz  poezio-0.12.tar.xz  mathieui18 months
v0.11poezio-0.11.tar.gz  poezio-0.11.tar.xz  mathieui3 years
v0.10poezio-0.10.tar.gz  poezio-0.10.tar.xz  mathieui3 years
v0.9poezio-0.9.tar.gz  poezio-0.9.tar.xz  mathieui5 years
v0.8.1poezio-0.8.1.tar.gz  poezio-0.8.1.tar.xz  mathieui6 years
v0.8poezio-0.8.tar.gz  poezio-0.8.tar.xz  mathieui6 years