AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-16Avoid calling get_theme() more than onceHEADmainEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2021-11-15Make message format more configurable around nicksEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2021-11-15Documentation: Fix theming docs, the module is namespaced in poezio.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2021-11-15Add xmpp: URI support to the /join commandEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2021-08-07plugin_e2ee: handle empty args in /foo_state commandsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2021-07-17plugin_e2ee: correctly pass realjid to decrypt call in MUCMaxime “pep” Buquet
2021-07-14doc: Increase emphasis on OMEMO locationMaxime “pep” Buquet
2021-07-03fix: remove extra imports in text buffermathieui
2021-07-03fix: do not use raw xml access for slix elementsmathieui
2021-07-02tests: fix expected get_by_tabname input typemathieui
2021-07-02ci: use mainline mypymathieui
2021-07-02fix: improve typingmathieui
2021-06-26fix: do not silently traceback on mucs without mammathieui
2021-06-26fix: hack around the time limit for topic messagesmathieui
2021-06-26fix: load less messages on startup/gap fillmathieui
2021-06-26fix: do not use re.match() on existing Pattern objectsmathieui
2021-06-26fix: race condition in history loadmathieui
2021-06-26fix: fallback to server jid in conversationtabmathieui
2021-06-25fix: do not print a message on a muc not foundmathieui
2021-06-25tests: run tests on 3.7 through 3.10mathieui
2021-06-25fix: do not include the nick in affiliation changesmathieui
2021-06-22Fix the message doubling situationmathieui
2021-06-22Update install.rstRaghav Gururajan
2021-05-25Fix: do not scroll right by default in dataforms/bookmark textmathieui
2021-05-21muctab: Add a /request_voice for use in moderated roomsEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2021-05-16fix: unsupported typ= parameter in OTR pluginmathieui
2021-05-16fix: unsupported typ= parameter in embed pluginmathieui
2021-04-20fix: do not traceback on invalid jids in config.get_by_servnamemathieui
2021-04-20fix: do not use get_by_tabname for muc colorsmathieui
2021-04-19fix: do not log the whole stacktrace when a tab has no mam supportmathieui
2021-04-17fix: improve readme aesthetics and contentsmathieui
2021-04-17fix: allow certificate confirm dialog resizemathieui
2021-04-16fix: take newlines into account when completing stuffmathieui
2021-04-16fix: take newlines into account in input manipulationmathieui
2021-04-16fix: regression on /setmathieui
2021-04-16fix: handle /me message properly when loggingmathieui
2021-04-16fix: pasting text in data forms and bookmarkstabmathieui
2021-04-16fix: /set: do not priorize section printing if we detect an optionmathieui
2021-04-16fix: when detecting /set option = value, do the right thingmathieui
2021-04-16fix: composing indicators not showing (fix #3527)mathieui
2021-04-16internal: remove the xep-0319 implementationmathieui
2021-04-16fix: correction time in one to one tabs (fix #3532)mathieui
2021-04-16fix: split inactive chatstates from message in one to one tabsmathieui
2021-04-16fix: when sendingg a muc message, send the inactive chatstate apartmathieui
2021-04-16fix: available presences in tabsmathieui
2021-04-15fix: confirmtab not spawningmathieui
2021-04-15fix: tell pylint I know the curses module bettermathieui
2021-04-15fix: handle single-line log files, and reentry into fd_busymathieui
2021-04-15fix: make mypy happiermathieui
2021-04-15fix: /join with passwordsmathieui