AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-03-20Bump version and setup.pyv0.8.1v0.8-fixesmathieui
2014-03-20Remove C89 warnings on buildmathieui
2014-02-22Bump versionv0.8mathieui
2014-02-22Remove the dependency on poezio from xhtml.pyEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-02-22Move the XHTML-IM parser to SAX, to make it output a correct formatting, fixe...Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2014-02-22Fix #2474 (bans aren’t logged)mathieui
2014-02-20Fix #2470 (server_cycle joining the wrong room with domain-only muc)mathieui
2014-02-20Documentation updatemathieui
2014-02-19Documentation & Makefile updatemathieui
2014-02-19Update install instructions and fix a typomathieui
2014-02-17Fix a traceback in the commandinputmathieui
2014-02-17Reduce the image sizemathieui
2014-02-17Documentation updatemathieui
2014-02-17Add some note about gmail being crap (again)mathieui
2014-02-16Update CHANGELOGmathieui
2014-02-14Documentation updatemathieui
2014-02-14Call on_gain_focus on the new current tab after closing a tabmathieui
2014-02-13Add a configurable way of setting cipher suitesMathieu Pasquet
2014-02-13Fix #2407 (unencrypted connections)mathieui
2014-02-12Fix #2458 (correctly display non-groupchat room messages)mathieui
2014-02-12Add a fun pluginFlorent Le Coz
2014-02-12Change requirements to update versionsmathieui
2014-02-04Remove the simple blocking warning (useless)mathieui
2014-02-03Fix #2418 (Wrong character count in input with copy/pasted tabulations)mathieui
2014-02-03Fix #2208 (time_marker shows an useless timestamp)mathieui
2014-02-03Fix #2424 (actualize --MORE-- when doing /topic)mathieui
2014-02-03Do not crash on /names with invalid affiliationsFlorent Le Coz
2014-02-03Don’t set our status to None on /unload gpgFlorent Le Coz
2014-02-03Log our own message with the otr plugin if configuredmathieui
2014-02-03Do not unlock a tab when receiving a presence from the same resourcemathieui
2014-02-01Date the log records (error.log or debug logs)mathieui
2014-02-01Fix #2441 (don’t send chatstates in a non-chatstate conv)mathieui
2014-02-01Fix #2437 (show version in /self)mathieui
2014-02-01Fix #2430 (whatever)Mathieu Pasquet
2014-02-01Also do not send empty <replace/> with each messageMathieu Pasquet
2014-02-01Fix #2443 (:)Mathieu Pasquet
2014-02-01Fix #2445 (autcorrect not showing in private convs)Mathieu Pasquet
2014-01-30Exit on SIGPIPEMathieu Pasquet
2014-01-30Fix the nickname with carbonsMathieu Pasquet
2014-01-29Fix a traceback when opening an empty log fileMathieu Pasquet
2014-01-29Add a logging option to the OTR pluginMathieu Pasquet
2014-01-28Provide a more standardized fingerprint representationMathieu Pasquet
2013-12-28Previous commit with get/setmathieui
2013-12-28Fix #2281 (display iq results when sent with /rawxml)mathieui
2013-12-28Fix #2414 (don’t use /tmp/dummy in the logging config)mathieui
2013-12-28Workaround for an otr lib bug (plaintext messages without warning)mathieui
2013-12-04Write the config to a tmp file before a final copyMathieu Pasquet
2013-12-04Handle signals differently than /quitMathieu Pasquet
2013-11-28Add an “autocorrect” plugin with a sed-like syntaxMathieu Pasquet
2013-11-26refactor the texts in core to be more readable and fix some typosMathieu Pasquet