AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-05Remove DelayedEvent.repetive (sic) member which is not usedself-pingFlorent Le Coz
2014-11-05Implement MUC self-ping to regularly check if we are still in the roomFlorent Le Coz
2014-11-05Do not enable xep_0199 in the ping plugin, it's always enabled anywayFlorent Le Coz
2014-11-04Update the documentationmathieui
2014-11-02Make install the deps in a venv, and use themmathieui
2014-11-02Split the requirements.txt in two (poezio/plugins)mathieui
2014-11-02Merge branch 'master' into slixFlorent Le Coz
2014-11-02The quote plugin now uses full messages instead of timestamps.Eijebong
2014-11-02Update the requirements.txmathieui
2014-11-02Add a stream error handler in order to display error messagesmathieui
2014-10-31Merge branch 'master' of into slixmathieui
2014-10-31Fix the default value of Config.get to Nonemathieui
2014-10-31Fix some tracebacks on /set completionmathieui
2014-10-30notify_messages is of course True by defaultmathieui
2014-10-30Use a space instead of a cross while checking featuresmathieui
2014-10-30Fix the ssl check for asynciomathieui
2014-10-29Fix two potential tracebacks on /set completionmathieui
2014-10-29Add some testsmathieui
2014-10-28Fix the dependencies in the setup.pymathieui
2014-10-28Add a .travis.yml file for travis-cimathieui
2014-10-28Fix the requirements.txt (don’t install potr in editable mode)mathieui
2014-10-27Add some unit tests using py.testmathieui
2014-10-27Mention that setuptools is kind of mandatorymathieui
2014-10-27Prevent a (harmless) traceback while generating the documentationmathieui
2014-10-27Use a setuptools entry point instead of a custom scriptmathieui
2014-10-25Make the features disco in chat more user-friendlymathieui
2014-10-20Fix #2719 (write/read in the plugin config files even when not loaded)mathieui
2014-10-20Fix #2713 (make /set <option> return the value of the option)mathieui
2014-10-20Initialize PluginConfig properlymathieui
2014-10-20Make the runtime changes to max_lines_in_memory usefulmathieui
2014-10-20If the whitespace_interval value set in the config is null or negative, donâ€...mathieui
2014-10-20Remove the (sometimes wrong) default values in the config.get() callsmathieui
2014-10-20Change the API of Config.get_by_tabnamemathieui
2014-10-20Keep the default config options in a dict and make the “default” paramete...mathieui
2014-10-19Document the group_corrections optionmathieui
2014-10-16Extract XHTML-IM inline imags by defaultmathieui
2014-10-16Do not ignore empty topicsFlorent Le Coz
2014-10-14Fix a traceback when the terminal is not behaving as it shouldmathieui
2014-10-14Merge branch 'master' of into slixmathieui
2014-10-13Trivial line wrapping of the events.rst doc pageFlorent Le Coz
2014-10-13Document the changing_nick plugin eventFlorent Le Coz
2014-10-13Document the before_quote and the after_quote options of the quotemathieui
2014-10-12Add an open_all_bookmarks optionmathieui
2014-10-12Color the JID in locking/unlocking messagesmathieui
2014-10-12Output the result of the /info command in the MUC windowmathieui
2014-10-12Give feedback on the OTR commands in the current tabmathieui
2014-10-12Add a notification in the OTR plugin if the session isn't establishedmathieui
2014-10-11Add a /dump <filename> command to the XML tabmathieui
2014-10-10Fix /me display in delayed messagesmathieui