AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-04-05Revert "Remove the pubsub-related stuff from the main branch"pubsubmathieui
2014-04-05Remove the pubsub-related stuff from the main branchmathieui
2014-04-05Fix a bug introduced in ca0950dmathieui
2014-04-05Add the core module to the setup.pymathieui
2014-04-05Split the Core classmathieui
2014-04-05Improve /bookmark *mathieui
2014-04-04Enable XEP-0198 (Stream Management)mathieui
2014-04-04Fix a hidden traceback on groupchat messagesmathieui
2014-04-04Do not log correction errors in the error log anymoremathieui
2014-04-04Remove unused importsmathieui
2014-04-03Update the ugly timestamp fixes for better DST detectionmathieui
2014-04-02Fix #1998, #2439 (reset chat state status)mathieui
2014-04-02Fix #2377 (send back unavailable presence on message from unknown room)mathieui
2014-04-02Fix #2340 (change tab priority when the input is not empty)mathieui
2014-04-02Fix #2323 (implement XEP-0012 last activity)mathieui
2014-04-01Fix activation of mood/activity which was invertedmathieui
2014-04-01Move the requirements to python 3.3mathieui
2014-04-01Fix for OLD python3 versionsmathieui
2014-04-01Fix the roster offline show togglemathieui
2014-04-01Fix #2453 (malformed stanzas with stupid plugins)mathieui
2014-04-01Install the tabs module with toomathieui
2014-04-01Fix #2462 (wrong timezone in the logs)mathieui
2014-03-31Fix a traceback with broken roster itemsmathieui
2014-03-30Fix the launch script from directory with spaces in themmathieui
2014-03-29Make runnable from any directorymathieui
2014-03-28Fix #2493 (private tab displaying a join on /nick)mathieui
2014-03-28Improve dynamic conversation tabsmathieui
2014-03-28Returning the value fetched with RawconfigParser.getint is actually quite usefulmathieui
2014-03-28Also document manual plugin loadmathieui
2014-03-28Add an IRC/biboumi pluginmathieui
2014-03-27Remove useless "installation" parts from the plugin documentationsmathieui
2014-03-27Improve the alias plugin (save aliases, format strings, etc)mathieui
2014-03-27When doing a self.config.set in a plugin, save the config toomathieui
2014-03-24Use RawConfigParser.get{int,bool,float} whenever possiblemathieui
2014-03-23Allow opening a static conversation even when a (dynamic) conversation with t...mathieui
2014-03-23Add jid info to the unlock messagesmathieui
2014-03-23Notify the user whenever the lock state of a dynamic conversation changesmathieui
2014-03-23Fix formatting, some typos, and unused code, and add docstringsmathieui
2014-03-22Fix a hidden traceback (NS_MUC_USER not exported in tabs/)mathieui
2014-03-22Remove warnings in and use setuptools instead of distutilsmathieui
2014-03-21Update (from what was changed for the pypi release)mathieui
2014-03-21Add a "release" target to the makefilemathieui
2014-03-20Remove C89 warnings on buildmathieui
2014-03-19split the "tabs" module into separate filesmathieui
2014-03-19small refactormathieui
2014-03-08Remove useless parts of the setup processmathieui
2014-03-07Add a mention about poezio_gpg_export in the docmathieui
2014-03-04Add a script that generates a [keys] section for the gpg pluginmathieui
2014-02-24Remove the translate plugin (API has been broken for a long time)mathieui
2014-02-23Parse message timezones correctlymathieui