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Documentation: Fix theming docs, the module is namespaced in poezio.
Thanks Hund for finding this issue!
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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ the text impossible to read).
.. note:: The default theme should work properly in any case. If not, that’s a bug.
A theme file is a python file (with the .py extension) containing a
-class, inheriting the *theming.Theme* class defined into the *theming*
+class, inheriting the *poezio.theming.Theme* class defined into the *theming*
poezio module.
To check how many colors your current terminal/$TERM supports, do:
@@ -38,18 +38,18 @@ add:
.. code-block:: python
- import theming
+ from poezio.theming import Theme
- class FooTheme(theming.Theme):
- # Define here colors for that theme
+ class FooTheme(Theme):
+ # Define here colors for that theme
theme = FooTheme()
To define a *color pair* and assign it to the *COLOR_NAME* option, just do
.. code-block:: python
- class FooTheme(theming.Theme):
- COLOR_NAME = (fg_color, bg_color, opt_attr)
+ class FooTheme(Theme):
+ COLOR_NAME = (fg_color, bg_color, opt_attr)
You do not have to define all the :ref:`available-options`,
you can decide that your theme will only change some options, the other