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2016-10-08Remove the resource option from the Gil Peyrot
2016-10-08Add a raw parameter to all data form windowsmathieui
2016-10-07Replace sendPresence() with send_presence(), fix adding a contact.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-05Add monkeypatching hack on the event loopmathieui
2016-10-05Fix #3100 (Allow pasting in a data form)mathieui
2016-10-04"information" is already plural, fix wordingmathieui
2016-10-02Don’t put the cursor at the top-left if a move() failed.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-29Display status changes in one to one chatsmathieui
2016-09-29Make enable_xhtml_im tab-specificmathieui
2016-09-25Normalise the user-facing name of MUC from chatroom to room everywhere.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-25Fix wrong quit char color when someone leaves a MUC.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-21MUC: Fix a traceback on room configuration.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20Next version is 0.10mathieui
2016-09-21multiuserchat: Use newer MUC plugin from slixmpp.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-20Add a PgUp/PgDown keybind to /bookmarks.Eijebong
2016-09-20Stop using deprecated aliases from slixmpp.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-09-13Fix a possible traceback in /win with some tabs openmathieui
2016-09-13Fix a traceback in the kick/ban handlermathieui
2016-08-29Fix coloring of messages in the privatetabmathieui
2016-08-29Remove an except block targetting Python 3.1.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-29daemon: Remove outdated mention of Python 3.3.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-28Really fix that tracebackmathieui
2016-08-28Fix a traceback introduced in the last commitmathieui
2016-08-28Fix some type inconsistenciesmathieui
2016-08-28Fix a traceback on malformed logsmathieui
2016-08-27Remove useless debug from the /rawxml commandmathieui
2016-08-26Fix #3194 (don’t highlight on embedded XHTML image)mathieui
2016-08-26Fix #3193 (report PM errors in PM tab)mathieui
2016-08-26decorators: fix the case where there is no argumentmathieui
2016-08-26Fix #3179 (/join completion broken)mathieui
2016-08-26Remove walls of text from the main body of core.handlersmathieui
2016-08-25Fix #3217 (allow /groupadd "group" with selected row in the roster)mathieui
2016-08-25Fix #3223 (close privatetab logfiles properly)mathieui
2016-08-24Make log parsing a little bettermathieui
2016-08-24Don’t traceback in theming if called without poezio installedmathieui
2016-08-22Don’t use camelcase for accessing data formsmathieui
2016-08-22Muctab: Only search for matching colors on user joinmathieui
2016-08-21Don’t call input completion() functions inside completion methodsmathieui
2016-08-20Fix #3219, Fix #3220 (no connection loops on some stream errors)mathieui
2016-08-20Fix a typo in the httpauth dialogmathieui
2016-08-20Implement XEP-0070 using the confirmtabmathieui
2016-08-19Remove unused leftover importsmathieui
2016-08-19Use the confirmtab for TLS cert validationmathieui
2016-08-19Add a "confirm" tab typemathieui
2016-08-18Use conversation.get_nick() instead of conversation.nick when adding aEijebong
2016-08-13fixes #3147 (/message auto-complete misses offline users) by adding every jid...Luke Marlin
2016-08-11Fix /helpmathieui
2016-07-30Disable unused logging levels, makes logging.debug about 25 times faster.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-07-29Advertise us as a console client, not as a pc one.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-07-26Make sure the color values are integers, in xhtml.pylouiz’