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2020-03-24poezio/core/handlers: More explicit logging for whitespace keepaliveskeepalive-logMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-02-17plugins: Allow entry_points to be registeredMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-02-07mam: disco before query only if groupchatMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-02-04load, unload: prevent Traceback when not enough parameters are specifiedMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-12Disco#info barejid instead of domain only on carbonsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-12is_known_muc_pm: search into more than MucTabMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-12Some more typing for is_known_muc_pmMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-12Prevent Traceback when receiving MUC-PM carbons under some conditionsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-11plugin_e2ee: Remove debug logging of encrypted messagesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-11plugin_e2ee: prevent empty JID from being passed to pluginMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-01BasePlugin: Remove debug loggingMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-01-01E2EE MUC supportMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-31Allow encryption in normal messagesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-31E2EEPlugin: Mute some lint warnings because of metaclassMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-31Tabs: add by_jid search method for tabs who have a jid attrMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-30Add TODO in plugin_e2ee _decryptMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-28Disable a pylint error on a line (due to __getattr__ override)mathieui
2019-12-27omemo: remove unnecessary newline in docstringMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: prevent traceback when no JID is specified in non-supported tabMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: use dedicated method to check if encryption is enabledMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: use jid property instead of name on chat tabMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: fix show_fingerprints (JID instead of str)mathieui
2019-12-27omemo: add an api in plugin_e2ee to get the fingerprint(s) of a jidmathieui
2019-12-27omemo: fix an indent error and make mypy happymathieui
2019-12-27omemo: fix some errors / feedback in trust settingmathieui
2019-12-27omemo: fix the type of the supported tab tyoesmathieui
2019-12-27omemo: add supported_tab_types and trust_states plugin attributesmathieui
2019-12-27omemo: add a wrapper around _encrypt() to handle user feedbackmathieui
2019-12-27omemo: fix indentation of one linemathieui
2019-12-27omemo: add missing typing importmathieui
2019-12-27Fix potential race condition when encryptingmathieui
2019-12-27Add a "passthrough" parameter for calls through the safetymetaclassmathieui
2019-12-27omemo: ensure whitelist includes encryption tag in the correct formatMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: handle async encryption methodsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: handle StaticConversationTab as wellMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27omemo: adapt to new E2EE APIMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-12-27Expand the status command, make decryption work, put a hack into the core so ...lumi
2019-12-27Plugins: use import_module for module in poezio_pluginsmathieui
2019-12-22WIP: Allow blocking commands in ConversationTabMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-11-21core/commands: Move import order to please linterMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-11-21Remove safeJID call in destroy_roomMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-10-27Fix syntax warnings (thanks python 3.8)mathieui
2019-10-27Disable pylint on lines dedicated to mypymathieui
2019-10-27Type curses windowsmathieui
2019-10-27Make global objects not Optionalmathieui
2019-10-26Fix missing typing importmathieui
2019-10-26Fix a bug when removing an event handlermathieui
2019-10-26Fix #3511 (fix traceback on first bookmark added)mathieui
2019-10-26Bookmark: Change jid property to getter/setter to ensure it stays a JIDMaxime “pep” Buquet
2019-10-26BookmarksTab: Remove safeJID callMaxime “pep” Buquet