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2021-04-12fix: remove all remaining safejids (fix #3457)mathieui
2021-04-02fix: forgotten tab names setmathieui
2021-04-02fix: typing issues in pluginsmathieui
2021-04-02fix: forgotten gaptab constructor callsmathieui
2021-02-27plugins: make set_bob asyncmathieui
2021-02-17plugins: also update the admin plugin to reflect coroutine changesmathieui
2021-02-16irc plugin: Fix the joining codemathieui
2021-02-12Fix the quote pluginmathieui
2021-02-09plugins: add a user_extras plugin with PEP eventsmathieui
2021-02-08plugins: fix case of self-messagemathieui
2021-02-05link plugin: fix regex for aesgcm and add gemini&gophermathieui
2021-02-03plugins: remove callbacksmathieui
2021-01-22plugins/contact: iterate all data forms, thx. mathieuiGeorg Lukas
2021-01-02Add aesgcm:// urls to the /link pluginmathieui
2020-12-26Update most references to to Gil Peyrot
2020-09-10Remove references to masterMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-09-10plugins/untrackme: move logging to a less noisy placeMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-09-08plugins/untrackme: closed. Changed default instanceMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-09-08plugins/untrackme: toggle display_corrections offMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-09-04plugins/code: Prevent traceback when not enough arguments -- thanks Ge0rGMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-08-14move date and time SHORT_FORMAT and LONG_FORMAT to the themeMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-08-14plugins/remove_get_trackers: add deprecation noticeMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-08-14plugins/untrackme: docstring to map_services methodMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-08-14plugins/untrackme: new plugin, based on remove_get_trackersMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-08-09plugins/time_marker: use now required poezio.ui.typesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-08-09plugins/lastlog: adapt to use poezio.ui.typesMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-06-15plugins/reorder: Don't serialize gaptabs as they're recreated automaticallyMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-06-15plugins/reorder: Ignore gaptab when parsing as they're recreated automaticallyMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-26plugins/display_corrections: Adapt to new poezio.ui APIMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-26plugins/dice: Fix LMC (use origin id), reorganize things a bit to stop using ...Maxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-26plugins/marquee: Fix LMC, use origin idMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-26plugins/marquee: Change space char to nbsp to troll other clients betterMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-14plugins/reorder: fix GapTab serializationMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-12Fix an issue where the reorder plugin would not create gapsmathieui
2020-05-12plugins/upload: handle more exceptionsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-05-09Pass a message to add_message instead of messed up kwargs everywheremathieui
2020-04-16Merge branch 'disco-node' into 'master'Link Mauve
2020-04-15plugins/embed: correctly refresh window in Conversation*TabMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-12plugins/upload: Use embed directly instead of populating input fieldMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-04plugin/display_corrections: prefer generator to list when loopingMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-01reorder: group exception handlingMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-01reorder: create GapTab if configured, when creating ConversationTab failsMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-01reorder: Create ConversationTabs when they don't existMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-01reorder: Ensure valid JIDMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-04-01reorder: Add TODOMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-03-29Merge branch 'invitation' into 'master'mathieui
2020-03-28plugins/disco: Add support for querying with a custom node, and disco#items.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-03-25plugins/reorder: satisfy linterMaxime “pep” Buquet
2020-03-20Update remove_get_trackers plugin to only detect GET parameters in a URL contextCélestin Matte
2020-03-20Add remove_get_trackers pluginCélestin Matte