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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-04"information" is already plural, fix wordingmathieui
2016-10-04Rename "roster" to "contact list"mathieui
2016-10-04Replace "MUC" by "chatroom" in the documentationmathieui
2016-10-02Fix #3229 (add a command to list /tell messages)mathieui
2016-09-20Update the IRC plugin to use % to address IRC userslouiz’
2016-08-28OTR plugin: Implement XEP-0378 (OTR Discovery)Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-28Add a vcard plugin, to view other people’s vcard-temp as a dataform.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-26Fix #3204 (write a /server_part plugin)mathieui
2016-08-26Fix #3205 (doubled notification in simple_notify)mathieui
2016-08-21Don’t call input completion() functions inside completion methodsmathieui
2016-07-27Fix doc buildingmathieui
2016-07-06Remove some unused thingslouiz’
2016-07-05Fix the dice plugin configmathieui
2016-07-05Fix #3197 (add a dice plugin)mathieui
2016-07-01Add /save_order to the reorder pluginmathieui
2016-06-28Make plugins import from the absolute poezio package.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-24Fix the alias pluginmathieui
2016-06-12Fix core commands, broken in the previous commit.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-11Move the src directory to poezio, for better cython compatibility.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-05Add a manual CSI pluginmathieui
2016-06-05Fix #3184 (remove upper limit for infowin)mathieui
2016-06-04Make CSI use in the screen plugin configurablemathieui
2016-06-04Fix #3114 (implement CSI in the tmux/screen plugin)mathieui
2016-06-04Use message processing hints in the OTR pluginmathieui
2016-05-23change muc_list delimiter from comma to colon in simple_notifyLasse Aagren
2016-05-23fix simple_notify to not notify one messages from yourself in MUCsLasse Aagren
2016-05-22add optional muc_list to configuration of simple_notify, as a whitelist of MU...Lasse Aagren
2016-05-10Fix a crash in the marquee pluginmathieui
2016-05-06Fix #3172 - Marquee plugin has a non-issuemathieui
2016-04-01Fix #3181 (make /marquee work in all chat tabs)mathieui
2016-03-09Added ability to notify new messages in MUCsFrédéric Meynadier
2016-03-08Fix the test pluginmathieui
2016-02-13Fix tab-specific options in the OTR pluginmathieui
2016-02-02Fix #3150 (otr and require_encryption)mathieui
2015-11-11Use the command_args_parser in the tell pluginmathieui
2015-11-11Use the command_args_parser in the send_delayed pluginmathieui
2015-09-06Add a plugin sending Bits of Binary (XEP-0231) images.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-08-27Fix the timing of the marquee pluginmathieui
2015-08-27Add a marquee pluginmathieui
2015-07-30Fix #3050 (better /ping completion)mathieui
2015-07-23Stress that the configuration file is the core of the irc pluginmathieui
2015-07-21Confusing wording in IRC docFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-20Fix a typo in the OTR plugin docmathieui
2015-07-20Improve /reorder helpmathieui
2015-06-29Make /otr end terminate all encrypted conversations with this bare JIDmathieui
2015-06-29Fix a traceback in the OTR pluginmathieui
2015-05-16Merge branch 'self-ping' into HEADFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-11Add a cyberpluginmathieui
2015-04-08Fix a possible traceback in the OTR pluginmathieui
2015-03-18Fix the OTR timeout messagemathieui