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2016-06-27Launch poezio as a module package.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-11Move the src directory to poezio, for better cython compatibility.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2015-01-15Make use of the $POEZIO_VENV and $POEZIO_VENV_COMMAND env variables if they e...mathieui
2014-12-17Update CHANGELOG and versionsmathieui
2014-12-15Check the py3k version AFTER loading the virtualenvmathieui
2014-11-30Add a check for the python version in the scriptsmathieui
2014-11-02Make install the deps in a venv, and use themmathieui
2014-07-19Remove the -OO in launch.shmathieui
2014-03-30Fix the launch script from directory with spaces in themmathieui
2014-03-29Make runnable from any directorymathieui
2014-02-22Bump dev versionmathieui
2014-02-22Bump versionv0.8mathieui
2012-10-05Fix the shebang.Florent Le Coz
2012-10-03Fix the 2 .sh scripts shebang to /bin/sh.Florent Le Coz
2012-08-05Use the revision/date for the poezio version if a .git is foundmathieui
2012-03-29Turn on optimization, because of reasonsmathieui
2011-05-04Re-make executable…Florent Le Coz
2011-05-04fixes #2148, #2156, #2155mathieui
2011-02-26Use exec in launch.shFlorent Le Coz is executableFlorent Le Coz
2010-11-15a few renamings, and some other stufflouiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-11-09fix some little issues. Rename gui to core, use logging lib instead of the cu...louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-09-03python 3 only. Fixes all EncodingError bugs :))))louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-05-21non-anonymous authentication, fixed #1185louiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-02-01/usr/bin/environ c'est mieuxlouiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13
2010-01-31cleanup,, makefilelouiz@4325f9fc-e183-4c21-96ce-0ab188b42d13