path: root/data/default_config.cfg
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-08Remove the resource option from the Gil Peyrot
2016-10-04Rename "roster" to "contact list"mathieui
2016-10-04Replace "MUC" by "chatroom" in the documentationmathieui
2016-06-12Increase ping timeout delays (now that the ping actually works)mathieui
2016-06-12Disable smacks by defaultmathieui
2016-06-05Comment most options by default in the config filemathieui
2016-06-05Set "show_useless_separator" to true by defaultmathieui
2016-06-05Enable message carbons by defaultmathieui
2015-10-05Get rid of the muc_history_length optionmathieui
2015-09-30Fix the plugins_dir documentationmathieui
2015-08-16Add an 'eval_password' optionmathieui
2015-06-18Add a show_jid_in_conversations optionmathieui
2015-05-21Document the vertical_tab_list_size option bettermathieui
2015-02-21Add missing options to default_config.cfg and fix some valuesmathieui
2015-02-21Add a force_remote_bookmarks optionmathieui
2014-12-24Add nick_color_aliases (default: true), to look for color of aliasesCélestin Matte
2014-12-24Add a muc_color section in the config file to permanently fix a color to a nickCélestin Matte
2014-12-20Add a deterministic_nick_colors option (default: true)mathieui
2014-12-11Fix #2847 (SASL External support)mathieui
2014-12-05Fix the comment on auto_reconnect toomathieui
2014-12-04Set auto_reconnect to True by defaultFlorent Le Coz
2014-10-16Extract XHTML-IM inline imags by defaultmathieui
2014-10-12Add an open_all_bookmarks optionmathieui
2014-09-17Fix the doc for remote_fifo_path (fixes #2584)mathieui
2014-04-27Fix #2106 (implement message delivery receipts)mathieui
2014-04-15Document the create_gaps optionmathieui
2014-04-15Fix #2440 (highlight composing tabs)mathieui
2014-04-09Set display_user_color_in_join_part to true by defaultmathieui
2014-03-21Update (from what was changed for the pypi release)mathieui
2014-02-13Add a configurable way of setting cipher suitesMathieu Pasquet
2014-02-13Fix #2407 (unencrypted connections)mathieui
2013-08-09Move the most relevant options to the top of the default config filemathieui
2013-08-03Logs errors by default, in a dedicated filemathieui
2013-06-11Fix #2315 (send pings to the server every minute to check the connection)mathieui
2013-06-10Implement Message Carbons (XEP-280)mathieui
2013-05-06Fix #2286mathieui
2013-04-04Add an option to choose between shared and separate input historymathieui
2013-03-18Set the default anonymous server to a working onemathieui
2013-03-12Implement user gaming (xep-0196)mathieui
2013-03-11Fix #1839 (User mood/activity)mathieui
2013-03-11Fix #1841 (User nickname)mathieui
2013-03-11Add a receive_user_tune option (fix #2261)mathieui
2013-03-11Implement XEP-0118 (Fix #1840)mathieui
2013-03-08Update the plugins to use the PluginAPImathieui
2013-03-04Add a show_s2s_errors config option (cf #2182)mathieui
2013-03-03Add a plugins_conf_dir optionmathieui
2013-01-02Add the save_status, status, and status_message optionsmathieui
2012-12-31Fix #2082 (xml:lang)mathieui
2012-12-15Sort the configurations options by name in the documentationmathieui
2012-12-07Add a new show_timestamps option to hide/show timestamps in text buffers.Florent Le Coz