AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-07-310.9 Releasev0.9mathieui
2015-07-31Fix #3105 (/message completion is slow)mathieui
sorting things several times is slow, and our roster wrapper is even slower. remove the overly slow code until the roster wrapper is rewritten (do we even need this level of detailed sorting in the first place?)
2015-07-31Only reset the self-ping event timer if there was already an enabled timerFlorent Le Coz
Otherwise we could, for example, enable a self-ping event on non-joined rooms where we just displayed an error message. And that’s bad.
2015-07-30Fix #3050 (better /ping completion)mathieui
2015-07-30Add a selected_row attribute to the roster tabmathieui
(for easier API access)
2015-07-24Fix some display issue in the rostertabFlorent Le Coz
fix #3076
2015-07-23Stress that the configuration file is the core of the irc pluginmathieui
Hopefully making it clearer
2015-07-22Schedule a resize when hide_user_list changesmathieui
2015-07-21/cycle: explicitly set MUC JID and nickGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21self-ping: increase timeout to 60sGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21self-ping: /cycle instead of /partGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21reset self-ping timer on every MUC messageGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21Confusing wording in IRC docFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-21Disable/enable carbons immediately when we change the enable_carbons optionFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-21Always register the handlers for carbon, and only onceFlorent Le Coz
The handlers are always there, but we only get carbons events when the server sends them to us, which is only when we enabled them. fix #3104
2015-07-20Fix wrong DNS resolution when reconnectingmathieui
even if custom_host was set, poezio would use the dns records for the reconnection
2015-07-20Fix a typo in the OTR plugin docmathieui
2015-07-20Improve /reorder helpmathieui
2015-07-17Fix an ordering issues in the MUC userlistmathieui
users changing affiliations or roles weren’t moved around properly
2015-07-16Add a missing nick size bound, which caused text to overflowmathieui
for nicks with length > 10 and messages longer than one line, it would overflow on the line below everytime.
2015-07-14Fix the initial help messagemathieui
2015-07-06Fix a traceback in the bookmarks tab when we do not set a nicknameEijebong
2015-06-29Make /otr end terminate all encrypted conversations with this bare JIDmathieui
2015-06-29Fix a traceback in the OTR pluginmathieui
2015-06-27Micro-optimize the roster refreshmathieui
The roster wrapper sucks and is way too slow. Halve refresh time by more than 50% using manually managed counters.
2015-06-22Add a requirement to cythonmathieui
(not technically *required* but gives a very nice speedup)
2015-06-22Add slots to the User objectmathieui
(we can have thousands of these)
2015-06-22Improve the performance of the userlist refreshmathieui
Also only run one regex on search_for_color()
2015-06-21Fix #3051 (always add an id attribute to rawxml IQ set/get)mathieui
2015-06-21Call update_caps() asynchronouslymathieui
(API changes in slixmpp)
2015-06-21Do not beep on outgoing carbons (fix #3049, fix #3091)mathieui
2015-06-18Add a show_jid_in_conversations optionmathieui
To hide or show the JID of the contact in conversation tabs.
2015-06-18Fix #3080 (show roster names instead of JIDs)mathieui
2015-06-11Do not log unhandled iq errors and timeouts in the error logmathieui
tends to happen quite often
2015-06-06Fix the paths to errors.log in the documentationmathieui
2015-06-06Fix #3062 (mention /accept or /deny must be done in the roster tab)mathieui
2015-06-06Fix /list when no server is providedmathieui
(thanks eijebong)
2015-06-01Save the bookmark password in the tab in the initial join, for later usageFlorent Le Coz
2015-06-01Use the password stored in the MucTab, with /join, if none is found otherwiseFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-31Cleanup: remove sone unused code and threading stuffmathieui
2015-05-26Disable the MUC self ping by defaultFlorent Le Coz
Because it doesn’t work, due to a lot of factors, and we can’t fix them.
2015-05-26Properly yield an error on /add without argumentsFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-21Handle not-well-formed XML in the XML tab buffermathieui
happens with whitespace keepalive at least
2015-05-21Document the vertical_tab_list_size option bettermathieui
say it’s for horizontal size
2015-05-21Resize after setting the vertical_tab_list_size optionmathieui
2015-05-21Update the pip inside the venvmathieui
2015-05-20Fix the doc. use_log is not true by default.Eijebong
2015-05-16Merge branch 'self-ping' into HEADFlorent Le Coz
Conflicts: src/tabs/
2015-05-11Add a cyberpluginmathieui
2015-05-11Remove translation support, and cleanup the Makefile.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot