AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-310.9 Releasev0.9mathieui
2015-07-31Fix #3105 (/message completion is slow)mathieui
2015-07-31Only reset the self-ping event timer if there was already an enabled timerFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-30Fix #3050 (better /ping completion)mathieui
2015-07-30Add a selected_row attribute to the roster tabmathieui
2015-07-24Fix some display issue in the rostertabFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-23Stress that the configuration file is the core of the irc pluginmathieui
2015-07-22Schedule a resize when hide_user_list changesmathieui
2015-07-21/cycle: explicitly set MUC JID and nickGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21self-ping: increase timeout to 60sGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21self-ping: /cycle instead of /partGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21reset self-ping timer on every MUC messageGeorg Lukas
2015-07-21Confusing wording in IRC docFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-21Disable/enable carbons immediately when we change the enable_carbons optionFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-21Always register the handlers for carbon, and only onceFlorent Le Coz
2015-07-20Fix wrong DNS resolution when reconnectingmathieui
2015-07-20Fix a typo in the OTR plugin docmathieui
2015-07-20Improve /reorder helpmathieui
2015-07-17Fix an ordering issues in the MUC userlistmathieui
2015-07-16Add a missing nick size bound, which caused text to overflowmathieui
2015-07-14Fix the initial help messagemathieui
2015-07-06Fix a traceback in the bookmarks tab when we do not set a nicknameEijebong
2015-06-29Make /otr end terminate all encrypted conversations with this bare JIDmathieui
2015-06-29Fix a traceback in the OTR pluginmathieui
2015-06-27Micro-optimize the roster refreshmathieui
2015-06-22Add a requirement to cythonmathieui
2015-06-22Add slots to the User objectmathieui
2015-06-22Improve the performance of the userlist refreshmathieui
2015-06-21Fix #3051 (always add an id attribute to rawxml IQ set/get)mathieui
2015-06-21Call update_caps() asynchronouslymathieui
2015-06-21Do not beep on outgoing carbons (fix #3049, fix #3091)mathieui
2015-06-18Add a show_jid_in_conversations optionmathieui
2015-06-18Fix #3080 (show roster names instead of JIDs)mathieui
2015-06-11Do not log unhandled iq errors and timeouts in the error logmathieui
2015-06-06Fix the paths to errors.log in the documentationmathieui
2015-06-06Fix #3062 (mention /accept or /deny must be done in the roster tab)mathieui
2015-06-06Fix /list when no server is providedmathieui
2015-06-01Save the bookmark password in the tab in the initial join, for later usageFlorent Le Coz
2015-06-01Use the password stored in the MucTab, with /join, if none is found otherwiseFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-31Cleanup: remove sone unused code and threading stuffmathieui
2015-05-26Disable the MUC self ping by defaultFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-26Properly yield an error on /add without argumentsFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-21Handle not-well-formed XML in the XML tab buffermathieui
2015-05-21Document the vertical_tab_list_size option bettermathieui
2015-05-21Resize after setting the vertical_tab_list_size optionmathieui
2015-05-21Update the pip inside the venvmathieui
2015-05-20Fix the doc. use_log is not true by default.Eijebong
2015-05-16Merge branch 'self-ping' into HEADFlorent Le Coz
2015-05-11Add a cyberpluginmathieui
2015-05-11Remove translation support, and cleanup the Makefile.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot