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2017-05-02Fix a segmentation fault when connecting to a server without a port4.3v4louiz’
2017-04-26Release version 4.24.2louiz’
2017-04-26Fix typo in CHANGELOG.rst biboumi → botanVinilox
2017-03-21Update changelog for 4.1 releaselouiz’
2016-11-09Release version 4.04.0louiz’
2016-11-09Little update to the changeloglouiz’
2016-10-05Update the changeloglouiz’
2016-08-23Update changelog with the history thingylouiz’
2016-08-11Document the new behaviour to address nicknames, and add to changeloglouiz’
2016-08-04Start version 4.0louiz’
2016-08-04Release 3.03.0v3louiz’
2016-07-29Trivial micro fixlouiz’
2016-07-28Update the changelog by adding (all?) the changes in 3.0louiz’
2016-06-08Changelog into rstlouiz’
2016-05-26Changelog into rstlouiz’