AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-03-10Do not use ':' as a namespace separator with expatHEADmasterlouiz’
Instead use \1, and build our own nodes by explicitely separating the namespace and the node name.
2021-11-22Follow-up of the previous on: also catch that on recv eventslouiz’
fix #3460
2021-11-22Catch all botan exception when sending data, not just TLSlouiz’
On invalid ASN1 file or things that are not specific to TLS only, botan throws other exceptions, and we need to catch those as well. fix #3460
2021-01-15Use recipient-unavailable when we are not connected to the IRC serverlouiz’
Instead of remote-server-not-found See #3427
2021-01-15sasl: Use the nick from the presence if the ad-hoc one is not setlouiz’
fix #3450
2021-01-14Print each e2e test output on only one linelouiz’
2021-01-12Typo poezioilouiz’
2021-01-11Only clone things using, and not git.louiz.orglouiz’
2021-01-11docker: use botan package from alpine instead of building from sourceslouiz’
2021-01-09Typos: negociat… -> negotiat…louiz’
2020-12-28Remove .clang-format filelouiz’
2020-12-28fix localtime call -> _rlouiz’ is no more, remove its configurationEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2020-09-23Changelog for -t featurelouiz’
2020-09-23Little code simplification for conf_filenamelouiz’
2020-09-23CLI: Add a test config flagFélix Baylac-Jacqué
Adding a -t configuration flag that will make biboumi check the configuration file syntax. Such a syntax check is handy for some deployment tools. It helps the tooling to statically analyse the configuration file and prevent unecessesary deployments when the configuration file is clearly incorrect. Updating the synopsis with this new flag.
2020-09-23Update the changelog for the private message changeslouiz’
2020-09-23Trivial comment change in an e2e testlouiz’
2020-09-23Entirely remove the code for the “preferred_from” nicklouiz’
Since private messages are now always coming from the server-wide JIDs
2020-09-23Do not mark message to bare JID private/no-copyGeorg Lukas
2020-09-23Always send direct messages to the user’s bare JIDJonas Schäfer
This has the following advantages: - Works while all resources are offline (persistent channels) - Helps with combating duplicate messages when sent to different resources, resources going offline, carbon-copying etc. etc. As a side effect, this also makes the MUC PMs not be MUC PMs and always be emitted from the server-wide JID of the sending user. Fixes #3313.
2020-09-23Start version 10.0louiz’
2020-09-23Merge branch 'v9'louiz’
2020-09-22Release version 9.09.0v9louiz’
2020-08-16Merge branch 'v9'louiz’
2020-08-16In CAP messages, handle the last arg as a list of capabilitieslouiz’
Instead of just one. This fixes the issue of the "trailing whitespace" since we now split it on ' ' Fix #3442
2020-08-16Fix the parsing of IRC messages, especially with trailing spaceslouiz’
2020-08-15Fix the archlinux url in Dockerfilelouiz’
2020-08-12Handle SASL failures by displaying a message and aborting the connection9.0-rc1louiz’
2020-08-12Document the SASL featurelouiz’
2020-07-29Conditionally compile the SASL code only with botan and databaselouiz’
2020-06-15e2e: do not fail to start if no irc database exist yetlouiz’
2020-06-15Implement SASL plain authenticationlouiz’
2020-05-26Add a missing ostream includelouiz’
Makes the build fail, on some condition. fix #3434
2020-05-22ci: Do not fail the packaging:rpm job if test:fedora did not runlouiz’
2020-05-22ci: do not allow packaging jobs to faillouiz’
2020-05-21ci: Install the correct rtd_theme package, not the documentation…louiz’
2020-05-21ci: use the container tag instead of docker, for the build stepslouiz’
This way, this will use either the docker or the podman runners. The other steps still use only docker, because I didn’t solve the cache issue on podman yet.
2020-05-21ci: Add sphinx_rtd_theme to fedora image to build the doclouiz’
2020-05-21ci: Use fedora:latest instead of doc-builder and fedora:oragonolouiz’
2020-05-09Merge branch 'v8'louiz’
2020-05-09Release version 8.58.5v8louiz’
2020-05-09e2e: Switch from coroutines to async, for python3.8louiz’
2020-05-09Fix clang warnings on some utils function. It’s also fasterlouiz’
2020-05-09Fix a std::move() warning with clanglouiz’
2020-05-09Fix a compile error with gcc 10louiz’
Fix #3431
2020-05-07Run the test against the oragono imageslouiz’
2020-05-06e2e: accept a regexp version of oragono, not just 2.0.0louiz’
2020-05-06Update the test docker images to contain oragono instead of charybdislouiz’
2020-05-05ci: Use fedora:oragono imagelouiz’