AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-11-13Rename the build directory in the e2e docker doclouiz’
To avoid conflicting with the “host” build/ directory. This way we don’t need to remove/empty the build/ directory beforehand, etc.
2019-11-13Give a little unsecure docker tip :^)louiz’
2019-11-12Doc: add a missing “cd build/” in one examplelouiz’
2019-11-11Forgot this typo…louiz’
2019-11-11Document how to run the e2e tests with docker, locallylouiz’
2019-11-11Rename the doc from developper to developerlouiz’
2019-11-09Merge branch 'e2e-doc'louiz’
2019-11-09Add a doc describing how to write e2e testslouiz’
2019-11-09e2e: Implicitely include the handshake in all testslouiz’
Instead of having to write it manually everytime
2019-11-09Clean the __main__ file of the e2e testslouiz’
I forgot to remove some things when I moved them into
2019-11-06Make is_empty work with any integral typelouiz’
2019-11-06Remove a useless std::move() and copylouiz’
2019-11-06Add a missing max_history_length field in the IRC server option formlouiz’
2019-11-06Properly set the default values for invalid integer conf optionslouiz’
fix #3372
2019-11-06e2e: Test the behaviour on bad integer value for ad-hoc confslouiz’
2019-11-06Remove a useless “givin up” debug linelouiz’
2019-11-06Add a test for MAM without an “end” valuelouiz’
2019-11-06Use the right int64 type for INTEGER rows in the dblouiz’
2019-10-31Split all the e2e tests in their own fileslouiz’
Some duplication is avoided, but most importantly: it’s much much cleaner, easier to find, functions have been cleaned up (functools.partial usages are now hidden), etc.
2019-10-10ci: only run build:freebsd on louiz’ repositorylouiz’
2019-09-27Use return {...} instead of make_tuplelouiz’
2019-09-27Add a missing "virtual", and remove a trivial "private" redundancylouiz’
2019-09-26Add the svg logolouiz’
2019-09-23Remove a duplicate e2e testlouiz’
2019-09-23Mark all rooms as non-anonymouslouiz’
close #3390
2019-09-23Add tests for non anonymous roomslouiz’
See #3390
2019-09-23Trivial little naming changeslouiz’
2019-09-23Trivial cleanuplouiz’
2019-09-23Add a missing pragma oncelouiz’
2019-09-23USe safer functions, gmtime_r and localtime_rlouiz’
2019-09-22Always add a 210 status in our self join presencelouiz’
Because it's much much simpler than to track if we changed the nick that was requested in the join request. And client will probably not get confused, I hope.
2019-09-22Expect a 210 code in the "change nick on join" e2e testlouiz’
2019-09-19rpm: force sphinx-build-3 binary to be usedlouiz’
2019-09-19ci: alpine image, create the tls key with the correct user and permissionslouiz’
2019-09-18Update the e2e test to work with latest slixmpplouiz’
2019-09-17ci: remove the packaging:deb joblouiz’
Too hard to maintain...
2019-09-17Update the images and .spec to use sphinx instead of pandoclouiz’
2019-09-17Fix the argument list for SETUP_TARGET_FOR_COVERAGE cmake functionlouiz’
2019-09-17ci: Add a junit output to test_suite and give it to gitlablouiz’
2019-09-16ci: Remove the doc:deploy:mr job because gitlab is too brokenlouiz’
Nobody would use that, anyway.
2019-09-15ci: simplify freebsd test, also add “needs”louiz’
2019-09-15ci: do not trigger the archlinux job on louiz’ branches, only scheduleslouiz’
2019-09-15ci: explicitely set the freebsd compiler to clang++louiz’
2019-09-15ci: make the archlinux build on schedules onlylouiz’
2019-09-15Ci: split freebsd into build+testlouiz’
2019-09-15Properly build and install the man page, also in the rpmlouiz’
2019-09-15ci: Add a job to deploy the doc for MRslouiz’
2019-09-15ci: Rename deploy jobslouiz’
2019-09-15ci: only run the build and test jobs if sources changedlouiz’
2019-09-15ci: use the "extends" key instead of the ugly anchor syntaxlouiz’