AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-12-22Prepare for release: Update changelog, control file, and copyright hints.debian/4.0-1Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-22Install systemd service file below /lib.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-22Fix add Standards-Version.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-22Fix comma-delimit uploaders (and sort alphabetically while at it).Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-22Resolve Botan configure flags.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Add patch 2002 to fix use C.UTF-8 as hardcoded internal locale.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Add some bugfix patches cherry-picked upstream.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Git-ignore quilt .pc dir.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Install documentation and example files.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Unfuzz patch 2001.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Fix strip bogus comma in build-dependencies.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Merge tag 'upstream/4.0'Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21New upstream version 4.0upstream/4.0Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update control file and copyright hints.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Add lintian overrides regarding license in License-Reference field. See bug#7...Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Fix add trailing newlines.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update watch file: Add usage comment. Wrap long line. Fix add trailing newline.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Add git-buildpackage config: Use pristine-tar. Sign tags. Filter any .git* file.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update copyrigth info: Add alternate git source URL.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Run testsuite during build.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Build-depend on pandoc and libbotan1.10-dev.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Reuse parts of upstream README as long description.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update copyright info: Add copyright+license header to rules file.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update copyright info: Extend ID of main author.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update copyright info: Add license grants.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update copyright info: Fix add verbatim public-domain statement.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Update copyright info: Fix add Zlib license.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-21Add patch 2001 to avoid cmake messing with git.Jonas Smedegaard
2016-12-10Initial copyrightVasudev Kamath
2016-12-10Added cmake and catch build dependencyVasudev Kamath
2016-11-09Release version 4.04.0louiz’
2016-11-09Little update to the changeloglouiz’
2016-11-07Remove a never reached (and non-sensical) errorlouiz’
2016-11-07Test the error on joining invalid roomlouiz’
2016-11-07Workaround for debian and other old OS that do not have std::put_timelouiz’
2016-11-07Add <algorithm> backlouiz’
2016-11-07Add a missing <chrono> includelouiz’
2016-11-07Trivial refactor of get_user_bridge functionlouiz’
2016-11-07Add get-irc-connection-info adhoc commandlouiz’
2016-11-03Test the global and IRC server configure commandslouiz’
2016-11-02Fix the presences sent, when multiple resources join the virtual channellouiz’
2016-11-01Refactor load_certs()louiz’
2016-11-01Disable e2e tests on openbsdlouiz’
2016-11-01And fix the bw-output path…louiz’
2016-11-01Fix the sonar-qube submissionlouiz’
2016-10-31Fix the openbsd test, againlouiz’
2016-10-31Automate the sonar-qube scanner submission in the ci processlouiz’
2016-10-31Fix the openbsd test, do not use coverage on itlouiz’
2016-10-31Revert the whole nproc thinglouiz’
2016-10-31Coin coinlouiz’