AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-26Refactor the sha1 digest into its own function, and do not use sprintflouiz’
2016-10-27Add a new badge to our collection! (Sonarqube)louiz’
2016-10-25CONTRIBUTING.rst formatting and a typolouiz’
2016-10-24Merge branch 'fix_tests_encoding' into 'master' louiz
2016-10-24Explicitely use the docker runner on some buildslouiz’
2016-10-24Fix test encoding by setting LANG and LC_ALL to C.UTF-8louiz’
2016-10-24ci: Rename the test archivelouiz’
2016-10-24Suggest adding tests when contributinglouiz’
2016-10-24Add a CONTRIBUTING filelouiz’
2016-10-24Correctly handle the nick change inside the virtual channellouiz’
2016-10-23Handle forced-join by just sending an invitationlouiz’
2016-10-23Refactor channel->parting to a new locationlouiz’
2016-10-21Revert "Use ensure_future instead of async"louiz’
2016-10-21Fix the broken commit 4388b9clouiz’
2016-10-21e2e: Fix some logic in check_list_of_xpathlouiz’
2016-10-21Use ensure_future instead of asynclouiz’
2016-10-21Remove an unused variable in e2elouiz’
2016-10-20Add an other kewl badgelouiz’
2016-10-21Coverity upload is allowed to fail and is manual. Also name the artifactslouiz’
2016-10-20Optimize tcp_socket::on_send by using vector::erase() only once per calllouiz’
2016-10-20Very little optimization by using a simpler scope_guard when possiblelouiz’
2016-10-17Use expect_unordered in a few more placeslouiz’
2016-10-17Add tests for the nick change, and the nick conflictlouiz’
2016-10-15Fix the indent in the coverage.cmake filelouiz’
2016-10-14Add two e2e tests on adhoc commandslouiz’
2016-10-13Use g++ for the openbsd testslouiz’
2016-10-12Disable the output in the config unit testlouiz’
2016-10-12ci: Add a test on openbsdlouiz’
2016-10-12e2e: test the private and no-copy thingylouiz’
2016-10-12e2e: the port to use should be an int, not a stringlouiz’
2016-10-12On EINPROGRESS, we need to also check for read events (because openBSD lies)louiz’
2016-10-12Fix an off-by-one issue in the POLL codelouiz’
2016-10-11Conditionally use strptime if we don’t have std::get_timelouiz’
2016-10-11Include a private and no-copy nodes in private <message/> to avoid carbon dup...louiz’
2016-10-11Parse the timezone myself, instead of using the broken strptimelouiz’
2016-10-07Fix the muc#traffic responselouiz’
2016-10-07Correctly set status="110" in the presence for the target of a kicklouiz’
2016-10-07e2e: add expec_unordered to be able to test things even if the arrive in a di...louiz’
2016-10-07Cleanup a little bitlouiz’
2016-10-06Add a coverity badge to the readmelouiz’
2016-10-06Remove a potential nullptr dereference, on mam queryidlouiz’
2016-10-06Add a coverity job that runs cov-build and submit the archive to coverity.comlouiz’
2016-10-06Fix the argument of strerror after bind()louiz’
2016-10-06Remove a branch that execute identical code in both caseslouiz’
2016-10-05Avoid sending PART command for unjoined channelslouiz’
2016-10-05Update the changeloglouiz’
2016-10-04Respond to muc#traffic requestslouiz’
2016-10-03Make version requests work with global user JIDs as welllouiz’
2016-10-03Avoid an exception due to some bad logic in the DNS resolution mechaniclouiz’
2016-10-03Fix some compilation warning/errors that appear on FreeBSDlouiz’