AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-02Fix a segmentation fault when connecting to a server without a port4.3v4louiz’
2017-04-26Release version 4.24.2louiz’
2017-04-26Fix typo in CHANGELOG.rst biboumi → botanVinilox
2017-04-26Do not fail to build if litesql is not therelouiz’
2017-03-21Release version 4.14.1louiz’
2017-03-21Add a missing ifndef BOTANlouiz’
2017-03-21Add missing botan/version.h includeslouiz’
2017-03-21Update the ci to use the latest image, and remove deprecated jobslouiz’
2017-03-21Update changelog for 4.1 releaselouiz’
2017-03-21Update the verify_certificate_chain code to work with botan >= 1.11.34 as welllouiz’
2017-03-21Use the new botan 1.11.32 Tls::Client API (but stay compatible with older ones)louiz’
2017-03-21Backport the master FindBOTAN.cmake, to find botan 2.0 as welllouiz’
2016-11-09Release version 4.04.0louiz’
2016-11-09Little update to the changeloglouiz’
2016-11-07Remove a never reached (and non-sensical) errorlouiz’
2016-11-07Test the error on joining invalid roomlouiz’
2016-11-07Workaround for debian and other old OS that do not have std::put_timelouiz’
2016-11-07Add <algorithm> backlouiz’
2016-11-07Add a missing <chrono> includelouiz’
2016-11-07Trivial refactor of get_user_bridge functionlouiz’
2016-11-07Add get-irc-connection-info adhoc commandlouiz’
2016-11-03Test the global and IRC server configure commandslouiz’
2016-11-02Fix the presences sent, when multiple resources join the virtual channellouiz’
2016-11-01Refactor load_certs()louiz’
2016-11-01Disable e2e tests on openbsdlouiz’
2016-11-01And fix the bw-output path…louiz’
2016-11-01Fix the sonar-qube submissionlouiz’
2016-10-31Fix the openbsd test, againlouiz’
2016-10-31Automate the sonar-qube scanner submission in the ci processlouiz’
2016-10-31Fix the openbsd test, do not use coverage on itlouiz’
2016-10-31Revert the whole nproc thinglouiz’
2016-10-31Coin coinlouiz’
2016-10-31ci: Fix the nproc thingylouiz’
2016-10-31Some cleanupslouiz’
2016-10-31Remove unused roster codelouiz’
2016-10-31Actually run all the e2e scenario if nothing is specifiedlouiz’
2016-10-31Test successful invite of an other userlouiz’
2016-10-31Handle IRC message 341 (invite confirmation)louiz’
2016-10-31Use ensure_future if available, otherwise use asyncio.asynclouiz’
2016-10-31Test self discolouiz’
2016-10-31e2e: add the possibility to launch a specific list of scenarios onlylouiz’
2016-10-31Test raw messageslouiz’
2016-10-31Trivial cleanuplouiz’
2016-10-31Make AddrinfoDeleter a classlouiz’
2016-10-31Rename a variable that shadows a class memberlouiz’
2016-10-28Do the previous commit, but correctlylouiz’
2016-10-28Default to make -j1 if nproc doesn’t existlouiz’
2016-10-27Refactor remove_invalid_xml_chars to use correct types directlylouiz’
2016-10-27Remove calls to INFO() in catch, they are uselesslouiz’
2016-10-27Directly use Botan::byte instead of char, to avoid an unnecessary castlouiz’