AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-10-07Cleanup a little bitlouiz’
2016-10-06Add a coverity badge to the readmelouiz’
2016-10-06Remove a potential nullptr dereference, on mam queryidlouiz’
2016-10-06Add a coverity job that runs cov-build and submit the archive to coverity.comlouiz’
2016-10-06Fix the argument of strerror after bind()louiz’
2016-10-06Remove a branch that execute identical code in both caseslouiz’
2016-10-05Avoid sending PART command for unjoined channelslouiz’
2016-10-05Update the changeloglouiz’
2016-10-04Respond to muc#traffic requestslouiz’
2016-10-03Make version requests work with global user JIDs as welllouiz’
2016-10-03Avoid an exception due to some bad logic in the DNS resolution mechaniclouiz’
2016-10-03Fix some compilation warning/errors that appear on FreeBSDlouiz’
2016-10-03Fix parse_datetime by always using a 'z' as the timezonelouiz’
2016-10-03Remove build/* from the coverage, because that code isn’t part of biboumilouiz’
2016-10-03Add missing include filelouiz’
2016-10-03Modify the charybdis conf to disable the LIST throttlinglouiz’
2016-10-03Implement result-set-management for LIST querieslouiz’
2016-10-02Use LIST * instead of just LIST, because some servers don’t accept itlouiz’
2016-09-29Re-add the ad-hoc command the was removed by mistake in the previous commitlouiz’
2016-09-29Add AdhocCommandHandlers::add_command to simplify the usage of this classlouiz’
2016-09-29Look for uuid/uuid.h instead of just uuid.hlouiz’
2016-09-28Add trendy badges to the READMElouiz
2016-09-28Remove unused code in sha1 modulelouiz’
2016-09-28Add coverage_e2e, which runs e2e, and regenerate a global coverage reportlouiz’
2016-09-22Respond to disco#info requests on IRC server JIDslouiz’
2016-09-22Add the missing & for 3 std::string function argumentslouiz’
2016-09-21Some little style/typo fixeslouiz’
2016-09-20Make history messages work with fixed_irc_serverlouiz’
2016-09-17make dist creates the archive with the current time, not the git timelouiz’
2016-09-17Fix the parse_datetime by using %Z instead of %zlouiz’
2016-09-16In the debian docker, install aiodns from source instead of piplouiz’
2016-09-16Remove a useless line in the COPYING filelouiz’
2016-09-09Trivial doc fixeslouiz’
2016-09-09Add some configuration examplelouiz’
2016-09-09Didn’t I fix that typo 12 times already?louiz’
2016-09-07Fix a trivial formatting issue in the doclouiz’
2016-09-07Improve the documentation for the archiveslouiz’
2016-09-04Add 2 missing namespaces in our disco#info resultlouiz’
2016-09-04MAM results can be filtered by start and end dateslouiz’
2016-08-31Add parse_datetimelouiz’
2016-08-31Fix to_string(time_t) and write a unit test for itlouiz’
2016-08-29Add the missing includes backlouiz’
2016-08-29Add zlib to the debian dockerfile, to build charybdis properlylouiz’
2016-08-28Respond to MAM requests on a channel JIDlouiz’
2016-08-23Use Z instead of z in the timestamp formatlouiz’
2016-08-23Don't use put_time() because it’s not in gcc 4.9, in shitty-debian “stabl...louiz’
2016-08-23Do not fail e2e if the database cannot be removed because it's not therelouiz’
2016-08-22Add missing algorithm includelouiz’
2016-08-22Add missing ctime includelouiz’
2016-08-23Update changelog with the history thingylouiz’