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@@ -76,23 +76,3 @@ The database is stored in the /var/lib/biboumi/ directory. If you don’t bind
a local directory to it, the database will be lost when the container is
stopped. If you want to keep your database between each run, bind it with
the -v option, like this: **-v /srv/biboumi/:/var/lib/biboumi**.
-This image is built from 2 Dockerfiles:
-- Dockerfile.base: builds and installs all the dependencies needed to build and run biboumi
-- Dockerfile: builds and installs biboumi itself
-The goal is to be able to force the rebuild of biboumi itself (by using
-the --no-cache option) without having to rebuild and install all its
-The build does not require any file in the build context, everything is
-fetched during the build using git or dnf.
-To build a biboumi image named “foo/biboumi”, you can run the script:
-./ foo/biboumi