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+Contributing to biboumi
+Biboumi’s main workplace is at
+The repository is also mirrored on other websites, for example on github,
+but that’s mainly for the convenience of users.
+Before doing anything, you can come on the `XMPP chatroom`_ to discuss your
+changes, issues or ideas.
+Bug reports, feature requests
+To open a bug report, or a feature request, please do so on `our gitlab’s
+bug tracker`_.
+If the bug you’re reporting is about a bad behaviour of biboumi when some XMPP
+or IRC events occur, please try to reproduce the issue with a biboumi running
+in log_level=0, and include the relevant logs in your bug report.
+If the issue you’re reporting may have security implications, please
+select the “confidential” flag in your bug report. This includes, but is not limited to:
+- disclosure of private data that was supposed to be encrypted using TLS
+- denial of service (crash, infinite loop, etc) that can be caused by any
+ user
+To contribute code, you can do so using git: commit your changes on any
+publicly available git repository and communicate us its address. This can
+be done with a `gitlab merge request`_, or a `github pull request`_ or just
+by sending a message into the `XMPP chatroom`_.
+It is suggested that you use gitlab’s merge requests: this will
+automatically run our continuous integration tests.
+It is also recommended to add some unit or end-to-end tests for the proposed
+There are two test suites for biboumi:
+- unit tests that can be run simply using `make check`.
+ These tests use the Catch test framework, are written in pure C++
+ and they should always succeed, in all possible build configuration.
+- a more complex end-to-end test suite. This test suite is written in python3,
+ uses a specific IRC server (`charybdis`_), and only tests the most complete
+ biboumi configuration (when all dependencies are used). To run it, you need
+ to install various dependencies: refer to fedora’s `Dockerfile.base`_ and
+ `Dockerfile`_ to see how to install charybdis, slixmpp, botan, a ssl
+ certificate, etc.
+ Once all the dependencies are correctly installed, the tests are run with
+.. code-block:: sh
+ make e2e
+To run one or more specific tests, you can do something like this:
+.. code-block:: sh
+ make biboumi && python3 ../tests/end_to_end self_ping basic_handshake_success
+This will run two tests, self_ping and basic_handshake_success.
+To write additional tests, you need to add a Scenario
+into `the file`_. If you have problem running this end-to-end
+test suite, or if you struggle with this weird code (that would be
+completely normal…), don’t hesitate to ask for help.
+All these tests automatically run with various configurations, on various
+platforms, using gitlab CI.
+Coding style
+Please try to follow the existing style:
+- Use only spaces, not tabs.
+- Curly brackets are on their own lines.
+- Use this-> everywhere it’s possible.
+- Don’t start class attributes with “m_” or similar.
+- Type names are in PascalCase.
+- Everything else is in snake_case.
+.. _our gitlab’s bug tracker:
+.. _gitlab merge request:
+.. _github pull request:
+.. _XMPP chatroom:
+.. _Dockerfile.base: docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile.base
+.. _Dockerfile: docker/biboumi-test/fedora/Dockerfile
+.. _charybdis:
+.. _the file: tests/end_to_end/
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+ contributing