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@@ -11,6 +11,8 @@ For users
- All commands sent to IRC servers are now throttled to avoid being
disconnected for excess flood. The limit value can be customized using the
ad-hoc configuration form on a server JID.
+- It is now possible to force-connect an IRC server by sending a presence
+ to its JID
For admins
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@@ -112,6 +112,21 @@ The connection to the IRC server is automatically made when the user tries
to join any channel on that IRC server. The connection is closed whenever
the last channel on that server is left by the user.
+Additionally, you can manually connect to a server by sending a directed
+presence to its JID. If biboumi receives an available presence for an IRC
+server JID, it will mark that server as force-connected: it will connect
+to it (if it is not already connected) and then will stay connected until
+an unavailable presence has been received, even if you leave the last
+channel on that server. This is useful, for example, if you want to stay
+connected to a server just to communicate with users in private without
+joining any channel, or if you want to connect to a server and be able to
+send commands (like a NickServ authentication) before joining a channel.
+Note however that this feature will only work if you configured a
+:ref:`nickname <server_jid_configure>` for this server. If you did not, your
+presences will just be ignored.
@@ -135,6 +150,10 @@ details). This is useful to keep track of which server an user is connected
to: this is sometimes hard to remember, when they have many clients, or if
they are using persistent channels.
+Exchanging presence authorization with this server also allows you to
+automatically force-connect to that specific IRC server when your XMPP
+client goes online.
Channel messages
@@ -389,6 +408,8 @@ On a server JID
.. note:: For example on the JID
+.. _server_jid_configure: