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Introduce the realname_from_jid option
When set to true, the realname and username are extracted (by default) from the user’s JID fix #3136
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able to use the ad-hoc commands that lets them configure their realname and
+ If this option is set to “true”, the realname and username of each biboumi
+ user will be extracted from their JID. The realname is their bare JID, and
+ the username is the node-part of their JID. Note that if
+ `realname_customization` is “true”, each user will still be able to
+ customize their realname and username, this option just decides the default
+ realname and username.
+ If this option is set to “false” (the default value), the realname and
+ username of each user will be set to the nick they used to connect to the
+ IRC server.
A filename into which logs are written. If none is provided, the logs are