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Support raw IRC messages
Messages received on an IRC server JID are forwarded as raw IRC messages. fix #2486
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@@ -357,6 +357,20 @@ Biboumi supports a few ad-hoc commands, as described in the XEP 0050.
“Gateway shutdown” quit message, except that biboumi does not exit when
using this ad-hoc command.
+### Raw IRC messages
+Biboumi tries to support as many IRC features as possible, but doesn’t
+handle everything yet (or ever). In order to let the user send any
+arbitrary IRC message, biboumi forwards any XMPP message received on an IRC
+Server JID (see *ADDRESSING*) as a raw command to that IRC server.
+For example, to WHOIS the user Foo on the server, a user can
+send the message “WHOIS Foo” to “”.
+The message will be forwarded as is, without any modification appart from
+adding "\r\n" at the end (to make it a valid IRC message). You need to have
+a little bit of understanding of the IRC protocol to use this feature.