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Improve dependencies checks in the build process
- Rename all Find*.cmake files to uppercase, to make things more consistent, and fix some issues with them (notably the REQUIRED flag) - Rename SYSTEMDDAEMON to SYSTEMD and only use the libsystemd instead of libsystemd-daemon because it's deprecated for a long time now - Provide a WITH_* and WITHOUT_* switch for all optional dependencies - Document things in the INSTALL file
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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Libraries:
Other branches than the 1.11 are not supported.
-- systemd-daemon (optional)
+- systemd (optional)
Provides the support for a systemd service of Type=notify. This is useful only
if you are packaging biboumi in a distribution with Systemd.
@@ -67,33 +67,35 @@ In ccmake, first use 'c' to configure the build system, edit the values you
need and finaly use 'g' to generate the Makefiles to build the system and
quit ccmake.
-or you can also use an interactive mode with:
+You can also configure these options using a -D command line flag.
-% cmake -i .
+The list of available options:
-and respond to the questions when you are prompted to.
-You can, for example, select the poller used by biboumi, at compile-time,
-using the POLLER cmake option. Available values are:
+- POLLER: lets you select the poller used by biboumi, at
+ compile-time. Possible values are:
EPOLL: use the Linux-specific epoll(7). This is the default on Linux.
- POLL: use the standard poll(2). This is the default value on all non-Linux platforms.
+ POLL: use the standard poll(2). This is the default value on all non-Linux
+ platforms.
-Examples, configure the poller with cmake:
+- WITH_BOTAN and WITHOUT_BOTAN: The first force the usage of the Botan library,
+ if it is not found, the configuration process will fail. The second will
+ make the build process ignore the Botan library, it will not be used even
+ if it's available on the system. If none of these option is specified, the
+ library will be used if available and will be ignored otherwise.
-% cmake . -DPOLLER=EPOLL
+- WITH_LIBIDN and WITHOUT_LIBIDN: Just like the WITH(OUT)_BOTAN options, but
+ for the IDN library
-You can also decide not to use two of the optional dependencies, even if
-they are present on your system, for example if Botan is available but you
-do not want to use it, you can set the value of WITHOUT_BOTAN to 1, like
+- WITH_SYSTEMD and WITHOUT_SYSTEMD: Just like the other WITH(OUT)_* options,
+ but for the Systemd library
-% cmake . -DWITHOUT_BOTAN=1
-This way, the binary will not be linked with libotan at all (and all
-connection will then be made in clear text).
-You can also decide not to link with systemd, like this:
-% cmake . -DWITHOUT_SYSTEMD=1
+This command will configure the project to build a release, with TLS enabled
+(using Botan) but without using Systemd (even if available on the system).