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Remove the embedded sha1 code, and use one of botan or gcrypt
This adds a hard dependency on one of Botan or gcrypt. Botan is already a recommended dependency, and gcrypt is probably packaged almost everywhere, so this should not be a big deal. ref #3241
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@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ libbotan_ 1.11 or 2.0 (optional)
Provides TLS support. Without it, IRC connections are all made in
plain-text mode.
+gcrypt_ (mandatory only if botan is absent)
+ Provides the SHA-1 hash function, for the case where Botan is absent.
litesql_ (optional)
Provides a way to store various options in a (sqlite3) database. Each user
of the gateway can store their own values (for example their prefered port,
@@ -158,3 +161,4 @@ to use biboumi.
.. _litesql:
.. _systemd:
.. _biboumi.1.rst: doc/biboumi.1.rst
+.. _gcrypt: