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2016-08-31List 3.5 compatibility in, and mark as production stable.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-24Add a small poezio_logs script to parse logfilesmathieui
2016-07-14Next version is 0.10, not 1.0mathieui
2016-07-03Make the entry point a functionmathieui
2016-06-30Update the entry point againmathieui
2016-06-11Move the src directory to poezio, for better cython compatibility.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-03-09Update a few url to use https, or even a few old referenceslouiz’
2015-08-01Update stuff to say 1.0-devmathieui
2015-07-310.9 Releasev0.9mathieui
2015-02-26Only remove src/default_config.cfg after build if we are in a develop copymathieui
2015-02-10Fix the doc pathmathieui
2015-02-10Update setup filesmathieui
2015-02-07Entirely ditch distutils for setuptoolsmathieui
2015-01-21Fix a small error in setup.pymathieui
2015-01-21Ignore stderr when doing the git revision checkmathieui
2015-01-21Update the to 0.9 and use PEP 440 for development buildsmathieui
2014-11-12Change the requirementsmathieui
2014-10-28Fix the dependencies in the setup.pymathieui
2014-10-27Mention that setuptools is kind of mandatorymathieui
2014-10-27Use a setuptools entry point instead of a custom scriptmathieui
2014-05-05Add the windows module to the setup.pymathieui
2014-04-05Add the core module to the setup.pymathieui
2014-04-04Remove unused importsmathieui
2014-04-01Install the tabs module with toomathieui
2014-03-22Remove warnings in and use setuptools instead of distutilsmathieui
2014-03-21Update (from what was changed for the pypi release)mathieui
2014-03-20Remove C89 warnings on buildmathieui
2014-03-08Remove useless parts of the setup processmathieui
2014-03-04Add a script that generates a [keys] section for the gpg pluginmathieui
2014-02-22Bump dev versionmathieui
2014-02-22Bump versionv0.8mathieui
2013-08-10Fix #2337 (search the themes the same way than plugins)mathieui
2013-08-07Add the gpg plugin to the setup.pymathieui
2013-05-29Small workaround for the default config locationmathieui
2013-05-26Update to use distutilsmathieui
2011-10-16Indent. That’s actually useless, but I want to test something.Florent Le Coz
2011-09-11Build C modules inplaceFlorent Le Coz
2011-09-09and that file…Florent Le Coz