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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2015-09-14Require aiodns and pycares 1.0mathieui
2015-09-05Remove pygments from requirements.txt, and update docmathieui
Normal users don’t need pygments, and cython is slow to build
2015-09-05Make the venv use system resources as wellmathieui
(workaround and fix aiodns since the interface will change due to the new pycares version.
2015-09-04Fix the pycares version for nowmathieui
1.0 was just released and it breaks the aiodns interface
2015-06-22Add a requirement to cythonmathieui
(not technically *required* but gives a very nice speedup)
2015-02-09Remove the setuptools from requirements.txt to avoid a setuptools bugmathieui
setuptools has slightly backwards (or forward)-incompatible changes when you update its version while still having libs installed with the old one. We only support python 3.4, which means the virtualenv comes with setuptools and pip already, so we don’t require to reinstall it. At worse, people will have to read the error message.
2014-12-07Add pygments to the requirementsmathieui
2014-11-02Split the requirements.txt in two (poezio/plugins)mathieui
2014-11-02Update the requirements.txmathieui
2014-10-28Fix the requirements.txt (don’t install potr in editable mode)mathieui
2014-10-27Mention that setuptools is kind of mandatorymathieui
2014-02-12Change requirements to update versionsmathieui
-stable sleekxmpp -new dnspython -new sphinx
2013-08-04Rewrite the OTR plugin to use pure-python-otrmathieui
2013-05-11Update the documentationmathieui
(do not encourage people to copy the plugins)
2013-05-11Add a requirements.txt file (for pip/virtualenv)mathieui