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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-11upload plugin: Don’t insert invalid URL after HTTP upload failed.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-03-09Add a check for slixmpp xep_0363 plugin.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-03-08Add HTTP File Upload support.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-12-19disco plugin: Fix traceback on unknown FORM_TYPE.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-12-19Add a disco#info plugin, /disco.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-23Also handle muc_nickchange for /tell.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-10-12Fix some excepts (bare, useless, unused)mathieui
2017-10-08Fix #3245 (make /exec async)mathieui
2017-10-08Change all “not … in …” into “… not in …”.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-10-07Fix #3273 (be honest about the rainbow plugin)mathieui
2017-07-20Ping: properly process IQ errors, always display error conditionGeorg Lukas
2017-06-19Add a rstrip plugin.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-05-15Improve feedback from the ping plugin.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-02-24Make the code plugin stop using extra attributes and div.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-02-24Fix code plugin usage helpmathieui
2017-02-13Don't override "id" and "type" builtinsmathieui
2017-02-10Add a code plugin, for sending highlighted snippets of code.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-02-10Add a white plugin, black backgrounds matter!Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-12-26Add missing message types (fix #3271)mathieui
2016-11-29Update the bundled gnupg.pymathieui
2016-11-29Fix inexistent method calls in the gpg pluginTanguy Ortolo
2016-11-26Add support for XEP-0380: Explicit Message EncryptionEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-27Link plugin : add support for magnets links.Vinilox
2016-10-16send_delayed plugin: Give feedback on using /send_delayed.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-15Make reorder plugin read create_gaps configMaxime Buquet
2016-10-04"information" is already plural, fix wordingmathieui
2016-10-04Rename "roster" to "contact list"mathieui
2016-10-04Replace "MUC" by "chatroom" in the documentationmathieui
2016-10-02Fix #3229 (add a command to list /tell messages)mathieui
2016-09-20Update the IRC plugin to use % to address IRC userslouiz’
2016-08-28OTR plugin: Implement XEP-0378 (OTR Discovery)Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-28Add a vcard plugin, to view other people’s vcard-temp as a dataform.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-08-26Fix #3204 (write a /server_part plugin)mathieui
2016-08-26Fix #3205 (doubled notification in simple_notify)mathieui
2016-08-21Don’t call input completion() functions inside completion methodsmathieui
2016-07-27Fix doc buildingmathieui
2016-07-06Remove some unused thingslouiz’
2016-07-05Fix the dice plugin configmathieui
2016-07-05Fix #3197 (add a dice plugin)mathieui
2016-07-01Add /save_order to the reorder pluginmathieui
2016-06-28Make plugins import from the absolute poezio package.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-24Fix the alias pluginmathieui
2016-06-12Fix core commands, broken in the previous commit.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-11Move the src directory to poezio, for better cython compatibility.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-05Add a manual CSI pluginmathieui
2016-06-05Fix #3184 (remove upper limit for infowin)mathieui
2016-06-04Make CSI use in the screen plugin configurablemathieui
2016-06-04Fix #3114 (implement CSI in the tmux/screen plugin)mathieui
2016-06-04Use message processing hints in the OTR pluginmathieui
2016-05-23change muc_list delimiter from comma to colon in simple_notifyLasse Aagren