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2018-01-25Fix typography in the default config.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2018-01-25Use full-blocks by default for images.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-12-20Set bookmark_on_join default value to falsemathieui
2017-11-24config: Switch the default for show_muc_jid from True to False.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-11-23Add an autojoined bookmark on /join.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-10-14Add an option to disable CSS parsing.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-10-11Set enable_avatars to false until the colors issue is fixedmathieui
2017-10-09Fix #3322 (send a beep when we get disconnected)mathieui
2017-10-07Display contact avatar in the roster.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2017-08-31irssi theme: disable yellow and bright nick coloursJonas Wielicki
2017-08-31start work on an irssi-like themeJonas Wielicki
2016-11-06Merge branch 'popup_filters' of
2016-11-06Made doc more clear on how to configure information_popup_type_filterLuke Marlin
2016-11-01Optimise all PNG images with `optipng -o8`.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-28Add DocBook source of the script manpagesTanguy Ortolo
2016-10-28Add manpages for the utility scriptsTanguy Ortolo
2016-10-28Fix #3249 (typo in manpage)mathieui
2016-10-23Fix typomathieui
2016-10-23Added information_popup_type_filter that allow toLuke Marlin
2016-10-09Remove the resource option from the configuration.Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-10-04Rename "roster" to "contact list"mathieui
2016-10-04Replace "MUC" by "chatroom" in the documentationmathieui
2016-06-12Increase ping timeout delays (now that the ping actually works)mathieui
2016-06-12Disable smacks by defaultmathieui
2016-06-05Comment most options by default in the config filemathieui
2016-06-05Set "show_useless_separator" to true by defaultmathieui
2016-06-05Enable message carbons by defaultmathieui
2016-03-09Update a few url to use https, or even a few old referenceslouiz’
2015-10-05Get rid of the muc_history_length optionmathieui
2015-09-30Fix the plugins_dir documentationmathieui
2015-08-16Add an 'eval_password' optionmathieui
2015-08-03Beginning, not beginingFlorent Le Coz
2015-06-18Add a show_jid_in_conversations optionmathieui
2015-05-21Document the vertical_tab_list_size option bettermathieui
2015-02-21Add missing options to default_config.cfg and fix some valuesmathieui
2015-02-21Add a force_remote_bookmarks optionmathieui
2014-12-24Add nick_color_aliases (default: true), to look for color of aliasesCélestin Matte
2014-12-24Add a muc_color section in the config file to permanently fix a color to a nickCélestin Matte
2014-12-20Add a deterministic_nick_colors option (default: true)mathieui
2014-12-11Fix #2847 (SASL External support)mathieui
2014-12-05Fix the comment on auto_reconnect toomathieui
2014-12-04Set auto_reconnect to True by defaultFlorent Le Coz
2014-10-16Extract XHTML-IM inline imags by defaultmathieui
2014-10-12Add an open_all_bookmarks optionmathieui
2014-09-17Fix the doc for remote_fifo_path (fixes #2584)mathieui
2014-04-27Fix #2106 (implement message delivery receipts)mathieui
2014-04-15Document the create_gaps optionmathieui
2014-04-15Fix #2440 (highlight composing tabs)mathieui
2014-04-09Set display_user_color_in_join_part to true by defaultmathieui
2014-04-09Fix the dark theme with the new “non-empty-input tabs”mathieui