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2016-08-30Add MANIFEST.inmathieui
:( We really need it in order to include docs, manpage & other stuff in the source distribution.
2015-02-10Update setup filesmathieui
- remove “make uninstall” target which was broken a long time ago - move very install action to the (alias “make install” to “python install” - add some stuff to “make clean” - update the to search the default config file using pkg_resources (more reliable than dirname(__file__)) - install the html doc only if available - use README.rst for the long_description - also, update the copyright notice to 2015
2013-05-29Small workaround for the default config locationmathieui
2013-05-26Update to use distutilsmathieui
(use new default directory, install the plugins as a separate python module…)