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@@ -163,10 +163,18 @@ poezio without a system-wide install, do, in the :file:`poezio` directory:
you can use the ``$POEZIO_VENV`` environment variable to set use
another path (the default is :file:`poezio-venv`).
- If your distribution does not have a ``pyvenv`` symlink to the latest
- pyvenv available, you will need to set ``$POEZIO_VENV_COMMAND`` to it.
- For example, if you have python 3.4, you will need to set it to
- ``pyvenv-3.4`` instead.
+.. note::
+ The python version used can be customized using the ``$POEZIO_PYTHON``
+ env variable.
+ If your distribution's python3 does not have a ``venv`` module, install
+ the package corresponding to that module (probably ``python3-venv``).
+.. versionchanged:: 0.12
+ Previously there was a ``$POEZIO_VENV_COMMAND`` env variable to define
+ the command. Now it is required to use ``$POEZIO_PYTHON``.
If you really want to install it, run as root (or sudo in ubuntu or whatever):