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@@ -81,13 +81,14 @@ The status of a tab is represented by its color:
You can go from one tab to another in many ways:
-* ``Ctrl+n`` and ``Ctrl+p``
+* ``Ctrl+n`` (next tab) and ``Ctrl+p`` (previous tab)
* :term:`/win` command
* :term:`/next` and :term:`/prev` commands
-* ``Alt`` + a number
-* ``Alt+j`` followed by a two-digits number
+* ``Alt`` + a number (to go to the tab with that number)
+* ``Alt+j`` followed by a two-digits number (same)
* ``Alt+e``, this will jump to the next tab with the highest priority. Priority
applies in this order: private message > highlight message > normal message.
+* :term:`/close` command to close a tab and go back to the previous one
.. _rostertab:
@@ -163,7 +164,7 @@ This tab contains a multi-user conversation.
- **Blue**: participant
- **Grey**: visitor
- The nicks have a random color given by poezio (which can be changed with :term:`/recolor`)
+ The nicks have a fixed color assigned using XEP-0392_.
#. Your information in that chatroom (the name of the room, your nick, your role
and affiliation).
@@ -278,3 +279,4 @@ have autojoin set to True.
:alt: Bookmarks tab screenshot
.. _XEP-0070:
+.. _XEP-0392: