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+ quickstart
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+.. _install:
Installing poezio
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Plugin autoload
-Use the :term:`plugins_autoload` optionto select which plugins should be
+Use the :term:`plugins_autoload` option to select which plugins should be
loaded on startup. The value is a list of plugin names separated by colons,
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+Quickstart guide
+This page is an attempt at provinding first aid to new users, who must
+first follow the :ref:`Install Guide <install>` to get a working poezio.
+Reading the more detailed:ref:`Usage page <usage>` is recommended to get
+a deeper understanding of poezio.
+Anonymous usage
+If you run poezio right after installing, you will get connected to the
+default anonymous server, which allows you to join rooms, and talk to people.
+Joining rooms
+The :term:`/join command </join>` allows you to join a chatroom and start
+talking to people right away. It opens a new :ref:`muctab`.
+Talking to people
+You can use the :ref:`/message` command if you know the address of people
+you want to talk to. This will open a :ref:`conversationtab`.
+Normal usage
+In order to use an account, you have to edit the :ref:`config` first,
+to set the account address and password (optionally). Sadly, poezio doesn’t
+allow account creation yet, so if you don’t have an account you will have
+to either use another client like gajim_ to create your account, or stay
+in anonymous mode.
+After obtaining an account and setting the :term:`jid` config option to
+the right value, you should go through the configuration file to get
+an overview of the different configuration options available.
+Joining rooms
+Just as in the anonymous mode, the :term:`/join command </join>` allows you
+to join a chatroom and start talking to people right away. It opens a new
+Talking to people
+Just as in the anonymous mode, you can use the :ref:`/message` command if
+you know the address of people you want to talk to. This will open a
+Adding people
+However, one of the benefits of having an account is to have contacts, see
+when they are online and offline, see their activity, mood, etc. To this end,
+you should add the people you know to your :ref:`contact list <rostertab>`.
+The :ref:`rostertab` is the tab numbered ``0``, and the only one which is
+always open. To add people, use :term:`/add`, to accept a contact request use
+Using end-to-end encryption
+To use OTR end-to-end encryption, you have to :ref:`enable <plugins-doc>` the
+:ref:`OTR plugin <otr-plugin>`. The plugin requires python-potr for python3, so
+make sure you have it installed first.
+After that, you can enable the OTR plugin with ``/load otr``. Further usage is
+discussed in the :ref:`plugin documentation <otr-plugin>`.
+.. _gajim:
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+.. _usage:
@@ -96,6 +98,8 @@ Contact list tab
:ref:`Specific shortcuts <rostertab-keys>`
+.. note:: The contact list also called a roster in XMPP terms.
This is a unique tab, always numbered **0**. It contains the list of your
contacts. You can add (:term:`/add`, :term:`/accept`), remove
(:term:`/remove`) and search contacts from there, and you can open