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@@ -60,20 +60,17 @@ connections.
If you are paranoid (or run poezio for the first time in an unsafe
environment), you can set the :term:`certificate` value of your config file yourself
-(the hash, not colon-separated).
+(the hash, colon-separated).
-If the certificate is not the same, poezio will show an error message and wait
+If the certificate is not the same, poezio will open a :ref:`confirmtab` and wait
for confirmation:
-.. figure:: ../images/ssl_warning.png
+.. figure:: ../images/cert_warning.png
:alt: Warning message
-If you press y, the change is validated an poezio will match the next certs
-with the accepted one.
+If you refuse, you will be disconnected.
-If you press n, you will get the confirmation that the change has been
-refused, and you will be disconnected.
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@@ -241,6 +241,8 @@ use ``Enter`` or ``j`` to join the selected room.
You can sort the rooms by moving the direction arrows (``←`` or ``→``) and pressing
``Space`` when you are on the appropriate column.
+.. _confirmtab:
Confirm tab