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+Docker images
+poezio is available on the docker hub in the `poezio/poezio`_ repository
+in which ``poezio/poezio:latest`` is the latest built git version, and
+stable versions are tagged with their numbers. The image is based off
+alpine linux and we tried to keep the image size to a minimum (<100MiB).
+You can therefore just fetch the images with docker pull:
+.. code-block:: bash
+ docker pull poezio/poezio
+In order to run poezio with non-temporary config and logs, and to have
+the right colors, you have to share the ``TERM`` env var and some directories:
+.. code-block:: bash
+ docker run -it -e TERM -v ~/.config/poezio:/home/poezio-user/.config/poezio -v ~/.local/share/poezio:/home/poezio-user/.local/share/poezio poezio/poezio
+If you don’t trust images distributed on the docker hub, you can rebuild the
+image from the Dockerfile at the root of the git repository.
.. _stable sources:
.. _slixmpp:
.. _aiodns:
@@ -206,3 +231,4 @@ If you did, it should be in the ``$PATH`` as ``poezio``, so run:
.. _cython:
.. _bgo-overlay:
.. _port:
+.. _poezio/poezio: