path: root/tests/utils.cpp
AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-01-25Restore the is_one_of variable templatelouiz’
2018-01-25Remove a variable template usagelouiz’
Because it’s only supported in gcc>=5.0
2017-12-02Add postgresql supportlouiz’
2017-04-30Make botan’s policy configurable from a filelouiz’
fix #3244
2017-02-27Use uname() instead of CMAKE_SYSTEMlouiz’
fix #3235
2017-02-15Little scopeguard cleanup, and add a testlouiz’
2016-10-11Parse the timezone myself, instead of using the broken strptimelouiz’
See for why strptime() sucks We use std::get_time now, to parse the date and time. And we parse the timezone by hand. fix #3215
2016-10-03Fix parse_datetime by always using a 'z' as the timezonelouiz’
Because some plateform accept Z and z, but some only accept z…
2016-09-17Fix the parse_datetime by using %Z instead of %zlouiz’
If anybody knows why fedora accepts both, but it only works with %z on debian, please tell me.
2016-08-31Add parse_datetimelouiz’
2016-08-31Fix to_string(time_t) and write a unit test for itlouiz’
2016-08-21Add get_first_non_empty and use it into Database to simplify a little bitlouiz’
2016-06-15cut messages at 512 bytes, taking into account the UTF-8 codepointslouiz’
ref #3067
2016-06-14Refactor, test and improve the way we cut too-long messages for IRClouiz’
2015-10-31Add a few testsFlorent Le Coz
2015-10-29Use Catch for our test suiteFlorent Le Coz
`make check` is also added to compile and run the tests Catch is fetched with cmake automatically into the build directory when needed