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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-07Add an e2e test for the ad-hoc pinglouiz’
2017-04-07Fix the display of the number of checks to be run by the e2e testslouiz’
2017-04-04Do not allow pings from resources that aren’t in the channellouiz’
2017-04-04Handle some iq of type='error' as valid ping responselouiz’
2017-03-30Add the archive ID to messages when they are sent to userslouiz’
2017-03-29Respond to disco#info on MUC JIDslouiz’
2017-03-29Change mam namespace to mam:2, instead of mam:1louiz’
2017-03-28e2e: Display the correct number of tests that will runlouiz’
2017-03-07e2e: Make the tests work without udns toolouiz’
2017-03-04Fix the order of from and to address in muc traffic info replylouiz’
2017-02-28e2e: Add an outgoing_bind= conf optionlouiz’
2017-02-28Add a test for the ad-hoc command disconnect-from-irc-serverlouiz’
2017-02-28Also test the channel config on a fixed_irc_server instancelouiz’
2017-02-28Add a irc channel ad-hoc configure testlouiz’
2017-02-13Add a e2e test for the previous 2 commitslouiz’
2017-02-12e2e: add tests for the linger time optionlouiz’
2017-01-22Add a linger_time configuration option on IRC serverslouiz’
2016-12-18Send iq error/result when the user changed a MODE command with an iqlouiz’
2016-12-14Test the TLS connectionlouiz’
2016-12-14e2e: test connection failurelouiz’
2016-12-13Send a presence error from the room, when receiving command ERR_BADCHANNELKEYlouiz’
2016-12-12Auto accept presence subscriptionlouiz’
2016-12-11Do not change the nick when joining a second room with a different nicklouiz’
2016-12-09e2e: remove the log_message step, because it causes race conditionslouiz’
2016-12-08e2e: Accept even more unordered things in the connection sequencelouiz’
2016-11-16e2e tests that the IRC server received an ident responselouiz’
2016-11-07Test the error on joining invalid roomlouiz’
2016-11-07Add get-irc-connection-info adhoc commandlouiz’
2016-11-03Test the global and IRC server configure commandslouiz’
2016-11-02Fix the presences sent, when multiple resources join the virtual channellouiz’
2016-10-31Actually run all the e2e scenario if nothing is specifiedlouiz’
2016-10-31Test successful invite of an other userlouiz’
2016-10-31Use ensure_future if available, otherwise use asyncio.asynclouiz’
2016-10-31Test self discolouiz’
2016-10-31e2e: add the possibility to launch a specific list of scenarios onlylouiz’
2016-10-31Test raw messageslouiz’
2016-10-24Correctly handle the nick change inside the virtual channellouiz’
2016-10-21Revert "Use ensure_future instead of async"louiz’
2016-10-21Fix the broken commit 4388b9clouiz’
2016-10-21e2e: Fix some logic in check_list_of_xpathlouiz’
2016-10-21Use ensure_future instead of asynclouiz’
2016-10-21Remove an unused variable in e2elouiz’
2016-10-17Use expect_unordered in a few more placeslouiz’
2016-10-17Add tests for the nick change, and the nick conflictlouiz’
2016-10-14Add two e2e tests on adhoc commandslouiz’
2016-10-12e2e: test the private and no-copy thingylouiz’
2016-10-12e2e: the port to use should be an int, not a stringlouiz’
2016-10-07e2e: add expec_unordered to be able to test things even if the arrive in a di...louiz’
2016-10-07Cleanup a little bitlouiz’
2016-10-04Respond to muc#traffic requestslouiz’