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2016-10-11Include a private and no-copy nodes in private <message/> to avoid carbon ↵louiz’
2016-10-07Correctly set status="110" in the presence for the target of a kicklouiz’
2016-10-05Avoid sending PART command for unjoined channelslouiz’
fix #3205
2016-10-03Make version requests work with global user JIDs as welllouiz’
fix #3210
2016-10-03Fix some compilation warning/errors that appear on FreeBSDlouiz’
2016-10-03Add missing include filelouiz’
2016-10-03Implement result-set-management for LIST querieslouiz’
ref #2948
2016-09-22Add the missing & for 3 std::string function argumentslouiz’
2016-09-21Some little style/typo fixeslouiz’
2016-09-20Make history messages work with fixed_irc_serverlouiz’
fix #3209
2016-08-23Send the muc history when a second (or more) resource joins a roomlouiz’
2016-08-23Only save the logs if recordHistory global config option is truelouiz’
2016-08-22Only save messages coming from real MUC participants in the databaselouiz’
Not messages coming from the room, for example
2016-08-22When joining a channel, send the most recent history found in the databaselouiz’
2016-08-18Forward IRC invites to XMPPlouiz’
2016-08-17On a client error, do not QUIT, just make the resource leave all channelslouiz’
This should fix #3205
2016-08-16Forward mediated invitations (XMPP to IRC only)louiz’
2016-08-13Only save the messages into the db if we are actually using a dblouiz’
2016-08-12Save received and sent messages into the databaselouiz’
2016-08-10Don’t use ! as the separator for nicknames, use % insteadlouiz’
It’s now easier to use. The distinction between a nick and a channel name is based on the first character (by default it's '#' and '&'). The user doesn’t have to worry about which separator to use anymore. fix #3066
2016-08-03Lower case the nick, when forwarding a version or ping requestlouiz’
2016-07-04Send the iq requests to one random resource instead of the bare JIDlouiz’
2016-07-04Replace all include guards by #pragma oncelouiz’
2016-07-04List of channels are saved per-request and not globallylouiz’
The list would keep the previous results in memory, forever, and the list would grow each time a new request was made (even with results from unrelated servers)…
2016-07-04Remove forgotten commentlouiz’
2016-07-03Properly remove the resource from the server when we leave the last channellouiz’
2016-06-24Forward ping requests from IRC to XMPP, to one single resourcelouiz’
2016-06-24Properly set the “from” of the ping results to the correct full JIDlouiz’
2016-06-23Remove unused functionlouiz’
2016-06-21Add XEP-0106 support to the bridgeEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
This allows the user to join channels containing forbidden characters in the local part, like #r&d or #group/project.
2016-06-15Fix typo in bridge.hppEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-10Reset the preferred private JID when all resources leave a roomlouiz’
For example if we are talking in private with nick Joe from room #foo, and then we leave that room, we start receiving Joe’s message from the server-wide JID e2e tests included!!!
2016-06-08Support multiple nick session, except for IQslouiz’
ref #2556
2016-06-08Forward everything to all concerned XMPP resourceslouiz’
2016-06-08Remove all usage of std::listlouiz’
2016-06-08Add methods to know which resource is on which server or channellouiz’
2016-05-04Style fixlouiz’
Move all constructors at the top of classes
2016-04-22Forward the topic authors, handle the author from 333 messageslouiz’
fix #2
2016-01-04Use the configured encoding value when decoding received messagesFlorent Le Coz
2015-12-21Use references instead of raw pointer, to store the “parent” objectFlorent Le Coz
In Bridge and IrcClient
2015-12-03Add an ad-hoc command to disconnect a user from one or more IRC serverFlorent Le Coz
fix #3077
2015-10-31Implement a basic webirc supportFlorent Le Coz
See fix #3135
2015-10-31Remove some useless includesFlorent Le Coz
2015-10-24Use “using” instead of typedefFlorent Le Coz
2015-10-12Introduce the realname_from_jid optionFlorent Le Coz
When set to true, the realname and username are extracted (by default) from the user’s JID fix #3136
2015-09-18Add Bridge::get_bare_jidFlorent Le Coz
2015-09-01Use unique_ptr to store the XmlNode’s childrenFlorent Le Coz
Also fix some constness things
2015-09-01XmlNodes are now always closedFlorent Le Coz
Remove the close() method and closed attribute. Remove all the calls to close(). (Save one bool per XmlNode, yay, and save a few ifs and some useless function calls. At best it should be unnoticeably faster and lighter and save a few keystrokes in the future)
2015-08-19//mode with no argument should workFlorent Le Coz
The server will respond with the current channel mode, in private or something
2015-05-19Handle errors for the LIST irc commandFlorent Le Coz
ref #2472