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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-04-07Apply all the clang-tidy modernize-* fixeslouiz’
2015-09-01Use unique_ptr to store the XmlNode’s childrenFlorent Le Coz
Also fix some constness things
2015-09-01XmlNodes are now always closedFlorent Le Coz
Remove the close() method and closed attribute. Remove all the calls to close(). (Save one bool per XmlNode, yay, and save a few ifs and some useless function calls. At best it should be unnoticeably faster and lighter and save a few keystrokes in the future)
2014-12-17Fix a few issues reported by static analyzersFlorent Le Coz
2014-06-08Convert \n to <br/> in xhtml bodyEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
fix #2539
2014-04-29Use C++14 string_literalsFlorent Le Coz
2014-04-28Upgrade to C++14Florent Le Coz
2014-04-18Actually do the last commit, but completely this timeFlorent Le Coz
2014-04-17No more missing text when converting IRC colors to xhtml-imFlorent Le Coz
fix #2496
2013-11-28Implement IRC format to xhtml-im conversionFlorent Le Coz
The generated XML is very verbose because each IRC formatting tag makes us close a <span/> element and reopen it with the new style applied. However, this works quite well and is easy to implement.
2013-11-27Remove incomplete implementation of remove_irc_colorsFlorent Le Coz
2013-11-13Do not crash on special chars in the content of messageFlorent Le Coz
That’s ugly, and we need to sanitize everything properly, and also handle these special messages.
2013-11-09Aaaand, I forgot to add filesFlorent Le Coz