path: root/docker/biboumi/alpine/Dockerfile
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-11Only clone things using, and not git.louiz.orglouiz’
2021-01-11docker: use botan package from alpine instead of building from sourceslouiz’
2018-09-12Revert "Use alpine's botan package in the docker image"louiz’
2018-09-11Use alpine's botan package in the docker imagelouiz’
2018-06-14Remove build packages from docker image by using multistage Dockerfile.Stefan Schwarz
2017-12-16Update the docker images to enable postgresql, and document themlouiz’
2017-07-26Aaaand move the biboumi.cfg file for dockerlouiz’
2017-07-25Move the Dockerfile inside an alpine subdirectorylouiz’