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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-29Use sphinx instead of pandoc, and add a deploy joblouiz’
2018-06-08Correctly use target_sources instead of target_link_librarieslouiz’
2018-06-08Don’t add_library(database) with an empty string, that’s not portablelouiz’
2018-05-02Start version 9.0louiz’
2018-05-02Release version 8.08.0louiz’
2018-03-18Use Catch2’s single_include/ directorylouiz’
2018-03-17Revert "C++17"louiz’
2018-02-05Add a check for GCC’s and Clang’s minimal versionslouiz’
2018-01-22By the way, start version 8.0louiz’
2018-01-17Release version 7.07.0louiz’
2018-01-17By the way, we were on version 7.0~devlouiz’
2018-01-14Add a DEBUG_SQL_QUERIES to log info about the executed SQL querieslouiz’
2017-12-03Run some of the ci tests against a postgresql docker containerlouiz’
2017-12-02Handle postgresql and sqlite3 libs properlylouiz’
2017-12-02Add postgresql supportlouiz’
2017-10-04Release version 6.16.1v6louiz’
2017-09-19Release version 6.06.0louiz’
2017-09-10CMakeLists: Set symbol visibility to hidden.Link Mauve
2017-06-14Don’t forget to bump to version 6.0~devlouiz’
2017-06-13Find sqlite3 instead of litesqllouiz’
2017-05-28Move biboumi.h.cmake inside the src/ directorylouiz’
2017-05-24Release version 5.05.0v5louiz’
2017-05-21Do not install biboumi.cfg in /etc/biboumi/louiz’
2017-05-16Make the default build type Release (instead of empty string)louiz’
2017-05-10Fix the build when litesql is not usedlouiz’
2017-05-10Improve the handling of the biboudb.hpp dependencieslouiz’
2017-05-03Add -Wconversion compile flaglouiz’
2017-04-30Make botan’s policy configurable from a filelouiz’
2017-04-19Take into account the include path found by cmake when looking for litesql liblouiz’
2017-04-13Avoid building test_suite when we make installlouiz’
2017-03-15cmake: Make some libraries depend on the generated files from database liblouiz’
2017-03-14Refactoring louloulibs and cmakelouiz’
2017-03-12cmake: Correctly use the iconv libraries instead of twice the expat onelouiz’
2017-03-12cmake: Improve the usage of PARENT_SCOPElouiz’
2017-03-10cmake: do not use intermediate libraries at all (not even OBJECTS)louiz’
2017-03-10cmake: Remove the intermediate static libslouiz’
2017-03-07Improve the make coverage_* commandslouiz’
2017-02-01Actually, just use the C locale for the date formatslouiz’
2017-02-01Only use the C.UTF-8 LANG valuelouiz’
2017-01-06Use udns instead of c-areslouiz’
2017-01-04Remove the PrintBuildParameter make targetlouiz’
2017-01-04Use fsanitize=address and undefined in debug builds if ubsan and asan are therelouiz’
2016-12-10Add a make coverage target to merge all other coverages, and upload to codecovlouiz’
2016-12-08Use a portable way to get the relative paths into __FILENAME__louiz’
2016-11-15Fix some little compilation errors with some configs, from last commitlouiz’
2016-11-15Support the ident protocollouiz’
2016-11-09Start version 5.0louiz’
2016-11-09Release version 4.04.0louiz’
2016-09-28Add coverage_e2e, which runs e2e, and regenerate a global coverage reportlouiz’