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2018-03-12Allow to override the addresses used to connect to an IRC networklouiz’
fix #3273
2018-03-12Remove the virtual channel feature altogetherlouiz’
2018-01-30Add the complete='true' attribute only when appropriatelouiz’
2018-01-25Release version 7.27.2louiz’
2018-01-22Release version 7.17.1louiz’
2018-01-17Release version 7.07.0louiz’
2018-01-12Follow log_level even when using journald outputlouiz’
fix #3328
2018-01-02Also tabslouiz’
2018-01-02Little fix to the rst formatting in INSTALL and CHANGELOG fileslouiz’
2017-12-27Add a documentation to explain how to migrate from sqlite3 to postgresllouiz’
fix #3319
2017-12-27Update the changelogs for 7.0louiz’
2017-10-04Release version 6.16.1v6louiz’
2017-10-04Update changelog for version 6.1louiz’
2017-10-04Fix a little formatting issue in the changeloglouiz’
2017-09-19Release version 6.06.0louiz’
2017-09-16Add a missing changelog entrylouiz’
2017-09-09Add the persistent_by_default configuration optionlouiz’
fix #3293
2017-07-20Add the possibility to invite any external JID to a roomlouiz’
fix #3285
2017-07-20Drop support for botan < 2.0louiz’
fix #3274
2017-07-16Add a changelog entry for the roster featurelouiz’
2017-07-08Send status code='332' on biboumi or IRC server’s shutdownlouiz’
2017-07-06Add a global “persistent” optionlouiz’
2017-06-16Add a Record History option in the Channel configuration formlouiz’
fix #3269
2017-06-14Update INSTALL.rst and CHANGELOG.rst for the sqlite dependencylouiz’
2017-05-24Release version 5.05.0v5louiz’
2017-05-17Redirect welcome NOTICE to their channel, instead of sending a global onelouiz’
fix #3236
2017-05-17Update changeloglouiz’
2017-05-11Make the IRC channel configuration form available from the MUC configlouiz’
fix #3250
2017-05-02Fix a segmentation fault when connecting to a server without a portlouiz’
fix #3260
2017-05-02Release version 4.2louiz’
2017-04-30Make botan’s policy configurable from a filelouiz’
fix #3244
2017-04-21Configuration options can be overridden by setting env valueslouiz’
2017-04-19Add the default MAM limit in the changeloglouiz’
2017-04-09Properly handle multiline topicslouiz’
fix #3254
2017-03-31Fix typo in CHANGELOG.rst biboumi → botanVinilox
2017-03-30Add the archive ID to messages when they are sent to userslouiz’
This makes us compatible with mam 6.0 fix #3249
2017-03-28Update changelog for 4.1 releaselouiz’
2017-03-27Add the persistent feature in the changeloglouiz’
[skip ci]
2017-01-06Use udns instead of c-areslouiz’
fix #3226
2016-11-15Support the ident protocollouiz’
fix #3211
2016-11-09Start version 5.0louiz’
2016-11-09Release version 4.04.0louiz’
2016-11-09Little update to the changeloglouiz’
2016-10-05Update the changeloglouiz’
2016-08-23Update changelog with the history thingylouiz’
[skip ci]
2016-08-11Document the new behaviour to address nicknames, and add to changeloglouiz’
2016-08-04Start version 4.0louiz’
2016-08-04Release 3.03.0v3louiz’
2016-07-29Trivial micro fixlouiz’
2016-07-28Update the changelog by adding (all?) the changes in 3.0louiz’