AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-05-24Release version 5.05.0v5louiz’
2017-05-24Add biboumi-test-archlinux and biboumi-debian-packaging Dockerfileslouiz’
2017-05-24Fix the make command instruction in INSTALL.rstlouiz’
2017-05-23Add a e2e to check that timestamps in MAM requests are correctly handledlouiz’
fix #3266
2017-05-23Fix the datetime parsing to handle optional fractions of secondslouiz’
fix #3266
2017-05-23Better document the identd serverlouiz’
2017-05-23Do not call pkg_check_module if the MODULE_FOUND is already cachedlouiz’
2017-05-21Remove a few warnings occuring in some build configlouiz’
2017-05-21The RPM doesn’t contain biboumi.cfg anymorelouiz’
2017-05-21Do not install biboumi.cfg in /etc/biboumi/louiz’
Because it would overwrite the user file when installing a new version. And it’s basically useless anyway, because if the file doesn’t exist at all, biboumi will write an helpful message on stderr, telling the user to create the config file.
2017-05-18Handle messages 367 and 368 to display the banlist in the MUClouiz’
fix #3234
2017-05-18Refactor the channel::self to point at the existing userlouiz’
This way, the user is always up to date, instead of being a duplicate out of sync. fix #3258
2017-05-17Redirect welcome NOTICE to their channel, instead of sending a global onelouiz’
fix #3236
2017-05-17Update changeloglouiz’
2017-05-16Test the default channel list limitlouiz’
fix #3219
2017-05-16Make the default build type Release (instead of empty string)louiz’
2017-05-11Make the IRC channel configuration form available from the MUC configlouiz’
fix #3250
2017-05-11Remove the “codecov_” prefix for builds codecov uploads toolouiz’
2017-05-10Fix the build when litesql is not usedlouiz’
2017-05-10Improve the handling of the biboudb.hpp dependencieslouiz’
2017-05-10Small fixes in biboumi.1.rstlouiz
2017-05-09Avoid any potential int overflowlouiz’
2017-05-09Also make the test artifacts expire in 2 weekslouiz’
2017-05-08Remove a useless debug loglouiz’
2017-05-08Limit the number of rooms sent by default in the disco#items responselouiz’
fix #3219
2017-05-08Keep gitlab artifacts for 2 weekslouiz’
2017-05-08Little fix and cleanup in the channels list codelouiz’
2017-05-05Add an execute_incomplete_hello_adhoc_command e2e testlouiz’
2017-05-04Include the policy files into the rpmlouiz’
2017-05-03Add a policy filelouiz’
fix #3261
2017-05-03Remove redundant policy filelouiz’
2017-05-03Add -Wconversion compile flaglouiz’
2017-05-02Fix a segmentation fault when connecting to a server without a portlouiz’
fix #3260
2017-05-02Release version 4.2louiz’
2017-04-30Wrong ifndef, keklouiz’
2017-04-30Add a missing ifnedf BOTAN_FOUNDlouiz’
2017-04-30Make botan’s policy configurable from a filelouiz’
fix #3244
2017-04-30Remove a too old jokelouiz’
2017-04-25Use our own proxy link to display the badgeslouiz’
For privacy reasons [skip-ci]
2017-04-21Make sure we don’t exceed 512 bytes when grouping JOINslouiz’
2017-04-21Group simultaneous JOINs into a single command, to avoid floodinglouiz’
We still split the JOINs with a key and the ones without
2017-04-21Use alpine for the docker image, and simplify the config + run stufflouiz’
Using env variable directly used by the process, it’s easier than calling sed on the configuration file before we start the process. Also we don’t need to start as root anymore, and it’s a lot cleaner.
2017-04-21Configuration options can be overridden by setting env valueslouiz’
2017-04-20Better way to init the msghdr fieldslouiz’
2017-04-20Add a e2e test on alpinelouiz’
2017-04-20Explicitely init the msghdr fields, to be compatible with any implementationlouiz’
2017-04-20Remove the e2e test for the linger_timelouiz’
2017-04-20Revert "Add a linger_time configuration option on IRC servers"louiz’
This reverts commit 5d801ddcd025f68d2ec91edf0462091a32c779c1.
2017-04-20Revert "Cancel the IRC server linger timer when we try to-rejoin a channel ↵louiz’
on it" This reverts commit 45f7396c8d30ed37570c4ecdaa886388f9beba3e.
2017-04-20Fix the tests to take into account the new “your are exempt bla” linelouiz’