AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-19Make sure the channel is joined before trying to leave itlouiz’
2017-04-19Merge branch 'mam_default_limit' into 'master' louiz
2017-04-20Shorten the name of the tags sent to codecovlouiz’
2017-04-20Fix wrong JID computing when sending iq ping or version in fixed modelouiz’
2017-04-19Add the default MAM limit in the changeloglouiz’
2017-04-19Add an e2e test for the mam default limitlouiz’
2017-04-19Remove the flood limit in our e2e charybdis configurationlouiz’
2017-04-19Limit of 100 MAM messages, if no other limit has been set by the clientlouiz’
2017-04-19Take into account the include path found by cmake when looking for litesql liblouiz’
2017-04-17Avoid adding more that one “XMPP reconnection” timed event at the same timelouiz’
2017-04-13Avoid building test_suite when we make installlouiz’
2017-04-12Handle the RSM "max" value in the MAM requestslouiz’
2017-04-12docker: Run the process using “exec”, to be able to cleanly receive signalslouiz’
2017-04-12Always chown biboumi /var/lib/biboumi when the docker container startslouiz’
2017-04-10Add an e2e test for the ad-hoc reload commandlouiz’
2017-04-10Change the dates of source files before each build, to avoid useless rebuildlouiz’
2017-04-09Properly handle multiline topicslouiz’
2017-04-07Add an e2e test for the ad-hoc pinglouiz’
2017-04-07Apply a few clang-tidy cppcoreguidelines-* fixeslouiz’
2017-04-07Trivial change in the doclouiz’
2017-04-07Apply all the clang-tidy performance-* fixeslouiz’
2017-04-07Fix the display of the number of checks to be run by the e2e testslouiz’
2017-04-07Apply all the clang-tidy misc-* fixeslouiz’
2017-04-07Apply all the clang-tidy modernize-* fixeslouiz’
2017-04-06Add a paragraph describing the automated testslouiz’
2017-04-04Do not allow pings from resources that aren’t in the channellouiz’
2017-04-04Handle some iq of type='error' as valid ping responselouiz’
2017-04-03Talk about debug logs in contributing.rst and a gitlab ticket templatelouiz’
2017-03-31Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master' louiz
2017-03-31Fix typo in CHANGELOG.rst biboumi → botanVinilox
2017-03-30Add the archive ID to messages when they are sent to userslouiz’
2017-03-30Merge branch 'v4'louiz’
2017-03-29Run pacman -Syuu before runing the tests in archlinuxlouiz’
2017-03-29Remove two sneaky log_debuglouiz’
2017-03-29Add a missing namespace in the server disco#info responselouiz’
2017-03-29Respond to disco#info on MUC JIDslouiz’
2017-03-29Add a missing “pass by reference”louiz’
2017-03-29Change mam namespace to mam:2, instead of mam:1louiz’
2017-03-28Update changelog for 4.1 releaselouiz’
2017-03-28e2e: Display the correct number of tests that will runlouiz’
2017-03-27Add the persistent feature in the changeloglouiz’
2017-03-27Merge branch 'persistent_chans' into 'master' louiz
2017-03-27Do not remove our resources if the QUIT message doesn't come from uslouiz’
2017-03-27Add a Persistent option on channelslouiz’
2017-03-27Document the fact that “make” builds the tests as well nowlouiz’
2017-03-21Release version 4.14.1louiz’
2017-03-21Add a missing ifndef BOTANlouiz’
2017-03-21Add missing botan/version.h includeslouiz’
2017-03-21Re-add the c-ares lib in the docker test imageslouiz’
2017-03-21Update CI variables to the latest 9.0 version (build->job)louiz’