AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-06-23Remove unused functionlouiz’
2016-06-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'linkmauve/escaped-iid-support'louiz’
2016-06-23Fix a use after free in IrcChannel::remove_userlouiz’
2016-06-21Add XEP-0106 support to the bridgeEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-15Fix typo in bridge.hppEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-15Fix a missing include for strlenlouiz’
2016-06-15Properly calculate the maximum size of each message line, before cuttinglouiz’
2016-06-15Save our own host, as reported by the serverlouiz’
2016-06-15cut messages at 512 bytes, taking into account the UTF-8 codepointslouiz’
2016-06-15Add get_next_codepoint_sizelouiz’
2016-06-14Refactor, test and improve the way we cut too-long messages for IRClouiz’
2016-06-14Add a missing return bool in Configlouiz’
2016-06-14Fix a doc typolouiz’
2016-06-14Improve the signal handling by disabling them while an handler is runninglouiz’
2016-06-14Clean the Config module, use static things instead of a stupid singletonlouiz’
2016-06-13Make the logger tests more usefullouiz’
2016-06-13Show off, with some variadic templates, for the logger modulelouiz’
2016-06-13Display a message to tell if we found pandoc or notlouiz’
2016-06-11Make the default config file put the database in /var/libEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-11Allow cmake to configure the systemd unit’s user and groupEmmanuel Gil Peyrot
2016-06-10Reset the preferred private JID when all resources leave a roomlouiz’
2016-06-09Add some e2e tests to check that private messages come from the right JIDslouiz’
2016-06-08Add a basic e2e test for channel and private messageslouiz’
2016-06-08Add a missing vector includelouiz’
2016-06-08Support multiple nick session, except for IQslouiz’
2016-06-08Forward everything to all concerned XMPP resourceslouiz’
2016-06-08Remove all usage of std::listlouiz’
2016-06-08Add methods to know which resource is on which server or channellouiz’
2016-06-08Associate a bridge with a bare JID instead of a full JIDlouiz’
2016-06-08Changelog into rstlouiz’
2016-06-02Check the length of the JID parts when copying into the jidprep bufferlouiz’
2016-05-26Changelog into rstlouiz’
2016-05-23ci: include only the rpm and srpm directory in the artifactslouiz’
2016-05-23Update the build process to take into account the rst fileslouiz’
2016-05-23Merge branch 'rst'louiz’
2016-05-23First rst attemptlouiz’
2016-05-13Test the execution of the hello commandlouiz’
2016-05-13e2e: possibility to extract a value from a stanza and reuse it in send_stanzalouiz’
2016-05-13Use “using” instead of typedeflouiz’
2016-05-12ci: Have two builds: on fedora and on debianlouiz’
2016-05-12Add a Dockerfile for biboumi-test-debianlouiz’
2016-05-11Do not use std::endl for each line when saving the conf filelouiz’
2016-05-10Fix build with POLLER=POLLlouiz’
2016-05-04Run e2e in a subdirectory and lighten the build artifactslouiz’
2016-05-04Style fixlouiz’
2016-04-28Update .gitignorelouiz’
2016-04-27Change the name of the DB in the e2e testslouiz’
2016-04-27Include the Configure ad-hoc command on biboumi's JID for fixed_irc_serverlouiz’
2016-04-25Trivial cleanuplouiz’
2016-04-25Add e2e tests for the ad-hoc listing on the server jidlouiz’