AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-02Test the kick on a multisession nicklouiz’
2016-08-01Rephrase an error messagelouiz’
2016-07-31Provide a --help optionlouiz’
2016-07-31test kicklouiz’
2016-07-29Actually it works when we surrount the WHOLE string with quoteslouiz’
2016-07-29lol k gitlab-ci. It fails to parse a string that contains :louiz’
2016-07-29Trivial micro fixlouiz’
2016-07-29ci: echo the cmake command line argumentslouiz’
2016-07-28Document the multi-nick session thinglouiz’
2016-07-28Do not use the logger before the configuration has been loaded firstlouiz’
2016-07-28Update the changelog by adding (all?) the changes in 3.0louiz’
2016-07-28Mark some more cmake variables as advancedlouiz’
2016-07-28Fix the timeout test, now that we don't wait 1ms too much everytimelouiz’
2016-07-28Do not add 1ms to the timeout of our pollerlouiz’
2016-07-28Always remove all the DNS sockets on an c-ares eventlouiz’
2016-07-27Revert "Don’t use unique_ptr to store dns socket handlers"louiz’
2016-07-25Test the resolving of multiple hostnames at the same timelouiz’
2016-07-24Use log_error instead of cerrlouiz’
2016-07-23Refactor the CI file, build many configurationslouiz’
2016-07-18In reload.cpp, only build the database things if litesql is usedlouiz’
2016-07-18Always build the artifactslouiz’
2016-07-12Properly use the docstring variableslouiz’
2016-07-12Clean the list of options visible in non-advanced ccmakelouiz’
2016-07-12Use an ugly way, because SOURCES property does not work in cmake 3.0louiz’
2016-07-12Bring back DNSSocketHandler's destructorlouiz’
2016-07-12Set the required cmake version to 3.0louiz’
2016-07-12Don't use target_sources() in cmake because it's >=3.1 onlylouiz’
2016-07-12Don’t use unique_ptr to store dns socket handlerslouiz’
2016-07-12Move reload.*pp from louloulibs to srclouiz’
2016-07-12Properly catch and handle database errorslouiz’
2016-07-04Send the iq requests to one random resource instead of the bare JIDlouiz’
2016-07-04Replace all include guards by #pragma oncelouiz’
2016-07-04List of channels are saved per-request and not globallylouiz’
2016-07-04Remove forgotten commentlouiz’
2016-07-03Properly remove the resource from the server when we leave the last channellouiz’
2016-07-03Use latest git of botan in the dockerfileslouiz’
2016-07-02Add https to the unit file DOC thinglouiz’
2016-07-02Add a valgrind suppression filelouiz’
2016-06-29Run e2e through with valgrind if BIBOUMI_E2E_VALGRIND is set in the envlouiz’
2016-06-24Add a e2e test that checks self-ping with multiple resources behind one nicklouiz’
2016-06-24Add a e2e for self-ping, with a single channel resourcelouiz’
2016-06-24Log a warning when we receive an iq without a fromlouiz’
2016-06-24Forward ping requests from IRC to XMPP, to one single resourcelouiz’
2016-06-24Properly set the “from” of the ping results to the correct full JIDlouiz’
2016-06-23Add a simple e2e test that joins a channel with xep0106-encoded namelouiz’
2016-06-23Fix a bug in cut()louiz’
2016-06-23Remove unused functionlouiz’
2016-06-23Merge remote-tracking branch 'linkmauve/escaped-iid-support'louiz’
2016-06-23Fix a use after free in IrcChannel::remove_userlouiz’
2016-06-21Add XEP-0106 support to the bridgeEmmanuel Gil Peyrot