AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2017-12-02Merge branch 'postgresql' into 'postgresql'louiz’
Some fixes for the postgresql branch See merge request louiz/biboumi!19
2017-12-02Actually free the database on Database::close()Jonas Wielicki
.release() returns the pointer and releases ownership *without* destruction.
2017-12-02Make destructor of DatabaseEngine virtualJonas Wielicki
2017-12-02Make destructor of Statement virtualJonas Wielicki
I got an ASAN error otherwise (type mismatch)
2017-12-02Support for full postgresql URIsJonas Wielicki
2017-12-02Add postgresql supportlouiz’
2017-11-27Send \r\n at the end of the identd responseslouiz’
fix #3315
2017-11-07Add an e2e test to demonstrate #3304louiz’
2017-11-07Fix #3304louiz’
2017-11-07Change how we count the number of connected resources to a serverlouiz’
2017-10-26Add a workaround for’
ref #3278
2017-10-04Release version 6.16.1v6louiz’
2017-10-04Update changelog for version 6.1louiz’
2017-10-04Explicitely include all needed botan headerslouiz’
Most importantely, include parsing.h, since read_cfg is not implicitely included anymore in botan 2.3, and that does not compile. Also do not included botan.h anymore, since it’s deprecated in botan 2.3 fix #3296
2017-10-04Remove a redundant Body definitionlouiz’
2017-10-04Fix a little formatting issue in the changeloglouiz’
2017-10-01Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'louiz’
Stop allowing the 1024-bit for See merge request louiz/biboumi!16
2017-09-21Merge branch 'v6' into 'master'louiz’
compat: revert to using sqlite's close() function for compat with older distros. See merge request !17
2017-09-21compat: revert to using sqlite's close() function for compat with older distros.Romain DEP.
close_v2(), in use before this commit, was introduced as part of sqlite 3.7.14 (2012-09-03), and is as such incompatible with debian wheezy (3.7.13) and centos6 (3.6.20). FTR, Wheezy will be supported until May 2018, and centos6, until November 2020.
2017-09-19Release version 6.06.0louiz’
2017-09-18Stop allowing the 1024-bit for irc.ppirc.netLink Mauve
2017-09-16Add a missing changelog entrylouiz’
2017-09-10Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'louiz’
Set symbol visibility to hidden in cmake See merge request !15
2017-09-10CMakeLists: Set symbol visibility to hidden.Link Mauve
This reduces the size of the final binary by 12% by not including symbols, and thus function bodies that have been inlined for example.
2017-09-09Fix the internal links in the documentationlouiz’
2017-09-09Fix the build without systemd, by adding a few definelouiz’
2017-09-09Add the persistent_by_default configuration optionlouiz’
fix #3293
2017-09-06When biboumi is logging into journald, use sd_journal_sendlouiz’
This makes sure that multi-lines messages are properly parsed as a single message by journald. fix #3268
2017-08-30Mark messages from the IRC server as private and no-copylouiz’
fix #3284
2017-08-27Remove a forgotten and useless commentlouiz’
2017-08-27Update the Archive documentation, regarding the previous commitlouiz’
2017-08-27Add support for the "history" node on MUC joinlouiz’
Supports the "seconds", "maxstanzas", "since" and "maxchars" (but only =0) attributes. fix #3270
2017-08-27In fixed mode, server messages come from biboumi’s hostname directlylouiz’
Instead of, because that’s actually user named “”, in that case. And that fixes the raw messages in fixed mode. fix #3286
2017-08-26Add an index for the muc_log_line tablelouiz’
This immensely speeds up the archive select queries. fix #3292
2017-08-26Cache the encoding_in database value, to avoid doing a query for each messagelouiz’
2017-08-24Small refactor in on_quit()louiz’
2017-08-24Don’t forget to remove the user from the channel, when kickedlouiz’
fix #3291
2017-08-24Add an e2e test to demonstrate bug #3291louiz’
2017-08-19Change docker documentation regarding the database permissionslouiz’
fix #3290
2017-08-19Fix a sqlite3 leak when the database fails to openlouiz’
2017-08-19Display the correct error message when we fail to open the sqlite3 dblouiz’
fix #3290
2017-08-04Build the docker image with --no-cache, --pulllouiz’
2017-08-02ci: debian branch, pull the debian branch before trying to merge with masterlouiz’
2017-08-02Re-add a removed (by mistake) pointer null checklouiz’
2017-08-02Fix the hostname of test3.biboumi.louiz.orglouiz’
2017-08-02Allow failures of packaging jobslouiz’
2017-08-02Start 3 biboumi services in docker deploy joblouiz’
2017-08-01ci: update the debian packaging image namelouiz’
2017-08-01Debian now includes libasan3 instead of 1louiz’
2017-08-01Fix the conf in the alpine docker imagelouiz’